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Ever wondered what it’s like to be an airline pilot? It’s easier to get a taste of this high-flying lifestyle than you might think, with a range of experiences giving you a taste of the basics of learning to fly. 

You don’t even need to leave the ground as ultra-realistic flight simulators give you the opportunity to learn all the skills in a completely safe environment. But, make no mistake, as you sit at the controls during these flight simulator experiences, you’ll really feel like you’re taking off and cruising thousands of feet above the earth. Whether it’s as a first step before you learn to fly for real, or just as an exciting one-off adventure, it’s time well spent and a lot of fun.

Most experiences include expert instruction to guide you through the process, a detailed pre-flight briefing and the chance to select your journey, with real airports to take off and land at. Talking of landing the plane, this is sure to be one of the most thrilling and nerve-wracking parts of your flight. 

So, where will you fly to? It could be your local airport, or somewhere like Hong Kong. Or even Paro's short, 17,000ft peak-surrounded runway.

Where are flight simulator experiences available?

Choose from flying experiences across the country at Adrenaline. If you’ve never tried an experience like this before and want one in Victoria, the Boeing 737 flight simulator Melbourne is a great place to start and one of our best sellers. 

These incredible simulations of flight see you become captain of one of the world’s most popular commercial aeroplanes, the Boeing 737-800. 

You’ll also find flight simulators of this world-famous jet airliner in locations around the nation, including Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Newcastle and Brisbane. Use the filters down the side of the page to narrow down your flight simulator search to locations near you. 

What are the best flight simulators? 

You’ll find a great selection of flying simulators at Adrenaline, but which one is best? That all depends on which you most like the sound of.   
The Boeing 737-800 flight simulator mentioned above is one of the most popular and best experiences for anyone looking to pick up some learn to fly skills or challenge themselves to an exciting new adventure. Check the range here at Adrenaline and you’ll find 30, 60, 90 and even 120-minute options in some locations, so take your pick!

This is an experience you’re sure to remember forever, and a great gift idea for anyone with an interest in flying. Who knows, it could lead to a new hobby that sees you booking some flying lessons in a real aircraft, or even a career as a commercial pilot if you’re really keen. 

If you’re after a flying experience with a real adrenaline rush element to it, then look no further than the F/A-18 Jet Fighter Simulator. Feel the unique thrill that is air combat, indulge your need for speed and learn to handle a jet fighter plane like a pro.

You’ll be given expert instruction to help you get to grips with the controls and complete a realistic fighter pilot combat mission, before landing back at the base. You can enjoy it in cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Another thrilling flying simulator is the full-motion VR helicopter simulator Melbourne. This is just one of the many incredible virtual reality experiences we offer. It's a whole lot of fun and an ideal starting point for anyone with a curiosity about what it’s like to learn to fly a helicopter.

Ready to make the step up to a real flight? We've got you! Explore our flying lessons and you can learn to fly planes and helicopters for real. Choose from locations around Australia, including Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart. 

We also offer real jet fighter flights, giving you the chance to strap into the passenger seat and even, on some experiences, try flying yourself. 

Who are flight simulators suitable for? 

Flight simulators are suitable for anyone with an interest in learning the basics of flying or simply having fun and trying something new. Experiences are suitable for absolute beginners but can also be adjusted to suit your ability and knowledge if you have previous experience. 

Book your flight simulator experience at Adrenaline

As Australia’s leading adventure experience site, you’re in safe hands when you book your flight simulator experience with Adrenaline. Our experiences are backed with our Lowest Price Guarantee and vouchers are valid for five years, so it’s possible to book now and enjoy later.

For even more exhilaration, be sure to check out our F1 & Racing simulators too.