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Escape Room Experiences

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The Best Escape Rooms—Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast

Escape rooms are growing increasingly popular, with locations springing up across the world and plenty right here in Australia. These mystery rooms require a team effort. Everyone has his or her special skill (the math whiz, the wordsmith, the puzzle king), and as different problems arise, you’ll all have your moment to shine. Or, you can book two separate rooms and get competitive. Go head-to-head and try to make it out first! Keep your wits about you to earn bragging rights!

At around an hour each, these escape games offer no shortage of head scratching. Different themes send you to exotic locales, back in time, far ahead in the future… It’s all highly immersive; you’ll feel as though there’s something really at stake! 

A Different Kind of Escape Room–The VR Experience!

With a virtual reality escape room, you and your teammate will be totally immersed in a digital playing field! This out-of-this-world VR experience tests your reflexes and smarts with two unique scenarios. In one, you’ll harness all your special abilities to save the galaxy from a dark threat. Float through space, practice telekinesis, take out enemies with a laser! Your suit only provides you with 60 minutes of oxygen so you better act fast. The other thrilling VR game has you and your cyber-detective partner tracking down a serial killer. Expect lots of twisted puzzles and even a few scares!

Escape Games for Everyone

These escape room experiences are big hits for birthday parties and guarantee to brighten up any rainy day. And if the little ones are tagging along, don’t worry about difficulty levels. Different escape rooms cater to everyone from first-timers to sleuths who would make even Sherlock blush. Put on your deerstalker, gather your best assistants and ready your powers of deduction. The game’s afoot!