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Defensive Driving Courses

If you’re looking to hone your driving skills, build self-confidence and adeptly get around encounters with aggressive drivers, a defensive driving course is the way forward. Isaac Newton said it best, way back in 1687, in his third law of motion: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Defensive driving is quite simply about countering your reaction to potentially difficult situations on the road, with practical driving skills and by taking control of your car in the most effective, productive and professional manner. 

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What is defensive driving?

Defensive driving is all about taking care of yourself and your vehicle on the road. It is about avoiding being on the offensive, which is the opposite of defensive driving, by employing habitual, safe and capable driving skills. Defensive driving courses, such as those expertly tailored by Adrenaline, provide the big picture with a vital evaluation of driver attitudes and a keen awareness of the inherent dangers of driving on the road.   

These full-day courses are suitable for P platers and other licensed drivers who are seeking to fine-tune their driving skills. If you’re based in Queensland, particularly in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich, Adrenaline offers a range of defensive driving courses, including certification, driver training in safe driving and car-control tips to take on board for a lifetime. A delicious lunch is also provided. These courses are also available Australia wide.     

The best-selling Defensive Driving Course Level 1, full day, at Mount Cotton in Brisbane, is perfect for beginners through to more experienced drivers of regular passenger vehicles, including 4WDs and light commercial vehicles. The practical and theoretical mix of this advanced driver training session will equip the driver with on-road safety skills that are the foundation of proactive driving. 

What are some of the best practices of defensive driving?

Staying cool, calm and collected behind the wheel means defensive drivers remain in full control. The professionally advanced defensive driving programs offered by Adrenaline provide all the mental and practical tools for building best-practice drivers for life. Theoretical areas covered typically include: an explanation of defensive driving (what it means and how it is achieved); driver evaluation; practical road-safety tips; an explanation of the safety features on modern cars and how to use them to best advantage; tyres and their importance in driving safety; vision skills; basic vehicle dynamics and skid control.

In terms of your vehicle, the practical side of defensive driving courses also takes into account: assessment of your vehicle’s condition; seating and steering; emergency braking with and without ABS; emergency lane changes; reaction times and their effect on stopping distance; and vehicle handling/steering.

A final lecture at the end of the day’s session will recap key points, re-assessing driver-attitude status before awarding certificates and also includes take-home notes from the invaluable learning experience for ongoing reference. 

What are some good tips for a first-time driver?

It’s a daunting proposition getting behind the wheel of a vehicle for the first time, even for the most confident and car-loving types.

The most practical advice would be to prepare your vehicle for maximum personal comfort, calm your nerves and don’t overthink the event, stay on familiar roads for the first time, drive with an instructor that you fully trust and avoid major highways and freeways.

Beginner drivers will get all the help they require for feeling comfortable and confident on the road with the Drivesafe Driver Training Course on the Gold Coast and other locations throughout Australia. This full-day program is ideal for L-platers and includes expert advice from knowledgeable trainers, morning tea and lunch for all-important fuel and nutrition and, essentially, a vehicle to drive for the day.

Once you’ve achieved P-plate status, an Adrenaline defensive driving course will provide the best skills for remaining assertive, responsive and in complete control of your safety and vehicle in any situation.

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