Defensive Driving & Advanced Driving Courses

Defensive Driving & Advanced Driving Courses

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Where can I do defensive driving and advanced driving courses in Australia?

You’ll find defensive driving courses in locations across Australia at Adrenaline. Locations covered include:

Check our product range for a huge selection of driving experiences, including our full list of defensive driving and advanced driving courses. Finding a course near you might be easier than you expect.

Popular defensive driving course options include those at Sydney Eastern Creek or Quakers Hill, Melbourne Sandown, Brisbane Mt Cotton or Lakeside and Adelaide International Raceway.

One of our best-sellers is Defensive Driving Course Level 1, full day, at Mount Cotton in Brisbane. This is perfect for beginners through to more experienced drivers of regular passenger vehicles, including 4WDs and light commercial vehicles. The practical and theoretical mix of this advanced driver training session will help you brush up on-road safety skills that are the foundation of proactive driving. 

The Level 1 course at Sandown Raceway in Melbourne is another of our top sellers, offering the same blend of theoretical and practical elements for drivers based in Victoria.  

And, of course, Sydney drivers aren’t left out. Options include the full day Level 1 course at Quakers Hill, as well as sessions at Eastern Creek.

What is a defensive driving course?

During a defensive driving course, you’ll cover a range of on-road safety skills that will see you walk away as a better driver.

In most driving courses you arrive in and drive your own car, so you’ll learn to get the best out your vehicle and work on essentials like avoiding or removing bad habits.

Courses typically combine in-depth tuition and practical training from experienced instructors. This means you’ll get plenty of time at the wheel putting what you’ve learned in to practice.

Drivers of all ages will benefit, as all defensive driving courses teach skills to avoid accidents and offer education about risks associated with driving. Benefits for young drivers include improvement of their on-road defensive driving skills and techniques.

More experienced drivers can benefit from working on reactions and judgments, as well as correcting bad habits.

Other exercises include correct braking techniques, education around stopping distances, skid control, reaction times and speed, and basic vehicle dynamics.

Sessions taking place in the classroom can include elements such as the 12 Golden Rules of Defensive Driving, the importance of tyre condition, road laws (including any new introductions), personal security while driving, and road rage. The exact content of courses can vary and there are courses suitable for L-Platers, P-Platers, Corporate Fleet and Court Order drivers. Please check the specific product description ahead of booking for full details.

What is an advanced driving course?

Advanced driving courses are designed to hone your road safety,  skills and awareness. They are essentially another name for a defensive driving course but may sometimes refer to a more advanced stage of defensive driving. 

How long does a defensive driving course take?

Defensive driving courses tend to last the full day. Exact times may vary depending on the location, but a typical arrival time might be 8am for an 8.15am start and a 4pm finish.

How much does a defensive driving course cost?

The cost of defensive driving courses may vary depending on factors including location, what’s included, as well as the experience provider. 

Why would someone take a defensive driving course?

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle for the first time can be daunting, even for the most confident of people.

Beginner drivers usually find their confidence improves with a defensive driving course and some options are open to learner drivers.

Once you’ve achieved P-plate status, an Adrenaline defensive driving course will provide the best skills for remaining assertive, responsive and in complete control of your safety and vehicle in any situation.