Extreme Adventures, Sports and Activities

Extreme Adventures, Sports and Activities

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What extreme adventures and activities are available at Adrenaline?  

Some people live for pushing limits, living life to the max and making every moment count. If that sounds like you, or someone you know, you’re in the right place as you’ll find the best extreme adventures Australia has to offer here at Adrenaline. These epic activities are the perfect choice to get your heart pumping and a unique gift idea for the thrill seeker in your life.  

Browse our range and you’ll see you can book all kinds of outdoor extreme sports and activities, in locations across the nation. There are experiences to satisfy every type of adventure craving and budget. Choose from driving experiences, watersports, land adventures and flying experiences that’ll push your limits and give you a real adrenaline rush.  

Land adventures  

No list of extreme things to do would be complete without the bucket list favourite of bungy jumping. These leaps of faith have been setting hearts racing and helping people to face their fears head-on for years, so why not make a commitment here and now to see what all the fuss is about?  

Done it before and loved it? No time the present to give do it all over again! A bungy jump is one of the extreme adventures Cairns visitors need to add to their must-do list. 

If outdoor activities in the great outdoors are more your thing, you’ve got to try canyoning, abseiling and caving. Not only are these tours a whole lot of fun, they’re an amazing way to see natural areas, like the Blue Mountains or the Gold Coast Hinterland, from a whole new angle. With expert instruction you’ll learn new skills, see the best spots, enjoy an exciting adventure and walk away with a real sense of achievement.  

If outdoor extreme sports are your thing, our mountain biking (MTB) range is well worth a closer look. Explore some of the best MTB trails in spots as varied as Margaret River, Blue Mountains, Melbourne and Adelaide with our range of mountain bike tours and hire options. Take a look at the full selection for experiences suitable for beginners and more experienced riders.  

Flying experiences 

We’re not talking your average flight here… our flying experiences are truly next level. If it’s the thrill of a lifetime you’re after, look no further. Strap in and prepare to zoom across the skies with a jet fighter flight. It’s the closest most of us will get to knowing what it’s like to be a jet fighter pilot. Or take in the best views in the ultimate style with a helicopter rides and learn to fly experiences. From big cities like Sydney and Melbourne to our greatest natural landscapes, there are few better ways to travel.  

Looking for extreme things to do that deliver a huge shot of adrenaline? Then you’ve got to try one of our aerobatic flights. With plenty of twists, turns and manoeuvres, these are moments you’ll never forget. Strap in as a passenger or, for an extra thrill, take the controls and learn to fly with the chance to try some aerobatics yourself.  

Or maybe you’d rather jump from a plane? We’ve got Australia’s best skydiving spots covered and professional instruction. With tandem skydives around the country it might be easier than you expect to tick this one off your bucket list.  


Some of the best extreme activities are in our watersports category. Face your fears and come to face-to-face with sharks, or swim alongside majestic whale sharks, these up close and personal encounters are sure to get the heart racing.  

The same can be said for another animal experience – the chance to swim with crocodiles in the ‘cage of death’ in Darwin! With a name like that you know this extreme activity is sure to lead to a day you’ll never forget. Dare you step inside?  

Alternatively, get active and give yourself a challenge with epic white-water rafting, parasailing, kiteboarding and more. These watersports are so much fun, and what better place to do them than along some of Australia’s most glorious waterways and coastlines?  

Driving experiences  

Need to put the fun back into driving? Then buckle up for the most exciting driving experiences around, from Off Road Racing and Extreme 4x4 experiences to stunt driving and drifting. And not forgetting our ever popular (but no less exhilarating) rally driving and V8 experiences.  

Whether you get your kicks behind the wheel or are happy to let a pro driver take you on the ride of your life, we’ve got a huge range of four-wheeled adventures to choose from. Explore the range today and give yourself a great driving experience to look forward to.

What are the best extreme adventures?  

Experiences like bungy jumping, swimming with sharks, canyoning, rally driving, skydiving and helicopter rides have to be among the best extreme adventures money can buy. But the list doesn’t end there. Just browse the experiences listed on this page and you’ll find plenty more of the great outdoor activities Australia has to offer. 

Adventure lovers also enjoy activities as varied as canyoning, mountain biking, white-water rafting, abseiling, parasailing and stunt driving.  

Which one of these is the best is a matter of opinion. The only way to truly find out is by trying them all… and we’re sure a few of you would if you could! But, failing that, you can learn a thing or two from the many positive reviews shared by our customers who’ve dared to do these extreme adventures in the past.  

Browse the experiences to find the right choice for you or to find the perfect gift. 

Where can I go on extreme adventures in Australia?  

We’ve got extreme adventures all around Australia. So, whether you’re looking for things to do near you or planning your next extreme adventure holiday, you’ll find options in every state. From the capital cities to regional areas. We can’t possibly cover every activity and location in Australia here (and we’re always adding new adventures and spots) but we’ve highlighted a few favourites below to give you some idea.  

In New South Wales popular activities include mountain biking, caving, canyoning and abseiling in the Blue Mountains (just a couple of hours from Sydney), jet fighter flights in Bathurst and skydiving in spots like Byron Bay, Wollongong, Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Coffs Harbour. Of course, you’ll find plenty more extreme things to do across these towns and cities too, so check the full range.  

Victoria and its capital Melbourne are jam packed with thrills and things to keep you entertained. But excitement levels will be off the scale with stung driving school at Sandown Raceway and the Tiger Moth aerobatics flight at Point Cook. Aerobatics are also on offer over in Perth, giving you the best possible views over this part of Western Australia.  

Seeing the Great Barrier Reef is an absolute must-do for adventure lovers. Head up to Queensland and see it up close with incredible scuba diving tours, or fly high above and take it all in with helicopter rides.  

And that’s just a small taster of what’s on offer with plenty more fun to be had across South Australia, Tasmania, Canberra and Northern Territory. Don’t just take out word for it, explore the range for yourself.