21st Birthday Gifts And Presents

21st Birthday Gifts And Presents

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21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Best 21st birthday presents in 2023

A 21st is a very special birthday, and it deserves a very special gift to fit in with the celebrations. But what is a good 21st birthday gift? It can seem challenging to find the right thing that a 21-year-old will be genuinely excited about and remember forever, but if you look beyond material things your gift shopping gets a whole lot easier.

Most people are already so inundated with ‘stuff’, and you don’t want to risk your 21st gift to them ending up in a pile of underwhelming and underused junk. But if you buy them an experience gift you can guarantee that you’re giving something of actual value that they’ll be able to get excited about. A special experience is the perfect way to celebrate a special birthday, and we have amazing options for 21st birthday gift experiences right here at Adrenaline, both for him, and for her!

With thousands of experiences, activities and adventures across Australia, we truly have something for everyone on our site. Whether they’re into extreme sports, outdoorsy adventures or more laid-back fun, you’ll easily find the perfect 21st birthday present ideas when you browse through our gift guide and full range of experiences. 

You could give them a voucher for a skydiving experience and mark their 21st birthday with an incredible bucket list experience. We have an amazing range of tandem skydives in all the best and most beautiful drop zones around Australia. So they could be jumping over the beach in Wollongong, or the Great Ocean Road, the Sunshine Coast, Yarra Valley, or any of the amazing options we have at Adrenaline. Nothing compares to the thrill of jumping out of a plane and freefalling at wild speeds before the surreal parachute canopy ride down to the ground. It’s an exceptional 21st gift idea that will definitely score you points. 

We have heaps of other flying experiences that are perfect gifts for a 21st birthday, like hot air balloon rides, scenic helicopter flights, aerobatic joy flights, and jet fighter flights. They could even get into the pilot’s seat and learn to fly an aircraft themselves with our amazing range of flying lessons

If they’re more the type who likes to keep their feet on the ground, we have plenty of land adventures to get excited about. You can browse everything from horse riding tours to helicopter rides and heaps more inbetween to find special 21st gift ideas. Or if they’re a bit of a petrol head, our range of driving experiences includes V8 experiences, rally driving, Supercar drive days, quad biking and countless more that they’ll undoubtedly love.

And of course, for water-lovers you can find a huge variety of water-based sports and experiences at Adrenaline. Maybe they would enjoy a high-thrill jet boating joy ride around Sydney Harbour or a scuba diving tour on the Gold Coast. Adrenaline also offers whale watching cruises, and many other exciting water experiences.

Finding great 21st birthday gifts is easy at Adrenaline, because there’s nothing more special than an exciting new experience. You can choose an experience for them to enjoy, or buy a gift voucher and let them decide. It’s the perfect gift, and it’s an easy gift to buy.

Unique 21st birthday gifts 

Seeing as a 21st birthday is a big deal, it makes sense to want a special, unique birthday gift to fit the occasion. So take a look at our range of completely unique experiences that will definitely pull them out of their comfort zone. There’s nothing more valuable than the enjoyment and memories you get out of an experience, so give someone the opportunity to experience something spectacular with a gift from Adrenaline.

It could be an aerobatic flight that takes you on a mid-air rollercoaster ride. It could be swimming with sharks. It could be an escape room to enjoy with a group of friends, driving a real V8 vehicle or Supercar, learning to fly a helicopter, a canyoning tour, a parasailing experience, or any of the seemingly endless number of experiences we have available at Adrenaline. 

Are gift vouchers a good 21st birthday gift?

Struggling to decide on the right 21st birthday gift? Give a gift voucher! Just remember, not all gift vouchers are created equally. A voucher for a mall or shop is really just a fancy way to dress up cash, and there’s no real thought or personal sentiment behind it.

But giving an Adrenaline gift voucher is giving someone the opportunity to treat themselves to an extraordinary experience they might not otherwise have done. It’s a relief from the consumerist drive to buy material things and pushes them instead to do something exciting and purely savour the fun of it. So whether you’re buying them an Adrenaline gift voucher for a specific experience or a gift card for a dollar amount to spend on an Adrenaline experience of their choice, you’re choosing a thoughtful gift for their 21st birthday.

Plus, our Adrenaline gift vouchers give the ultimate flexibility. Each is valid for five years, and can actually be used towards any of our thousands of experiences. So even if you give an Adrenaline skydiving voucher as a 21st gift, they can still change their mind and decide to do a different experience available on the site instead. 

The dollar amount of any Adrenaline voucher can be used on any experience before it’s locked in with the experience provider, so you can feel good about the safety net of flexibility around your gift. Whatever happens, they’ll end up doing something they are really excited about. 

You can choose a specific experience or decide how much you want to put on their Adrenaline gift voucher. It’s the perfect 21st gift for any budget, because we have experiences available for practically any price range. 

Also, with instant delivery by email and Afterpay available, they're the perfect last minute 21st birthday present. It’s an amazing 21st gift you can buy online instantly and easily. 

The 21st birthday they've always dreamed about starts here.