Jet Fighter Flights

Jet Fighter Flights

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Always wanted to fly in a jet fighter? Well don’t just dream about it. With our experiences you can make it happen and get it firmly ticked off your bucket list. You may not have realised it until now, but jet fighter flights take off for journeys over some of the most scenic regions in Australia, including the Hunter Valley with its gentle sweeping vineyards. Adrenaline’s Australian jet fighter experiences also take place from Bathurst, Echuca Aerodrome (near Melbourne) and Brisbane’s Archerfield Airport. And we’re always looking for the best new experiences, so watch this space. 

What sort of jet fighter experiences are available?

We only work with the best jet fighter flight experience providers, so you can be sure you’re flying with experts in their field. You'll hop in the cockpit with an experienced pilot at the controls, so prepare to be amazed. And, you can expect some seriously impressive pilots too, including a veteran Reno Air Racer and a RAAF Fighter Pilot instructor.

Other pilots on these adventures are a former Major in the US Marines (who has flown MiG-29, Hawk and Harrier Jump Jet aircraft), and a former World Aerobatics Champion with over 30 years’ experience. So, prepare for the ride of a lifetime.

Best selling options in New South Wales include the 15-minute Hunter Valley flight and 20-minute Bathurst flight, both taking place in modern L-39 aircraft. 

Queensland’s best seller is the 25-minute jet fighter pilot experience from Archerfield Airport. You’ll enjoy magnificent views from the air-conditioned cockpit of this former Ukranian Air Force jet, not to mention the unique feeling 4,000 pounds of thrust achieves. 

Wherever you decide to take a jet fighter flight, it’s an occasion that’s certain to live long in the memory. After all, it’s not every day most of us can power through the sky in military-level aircraft! 

You’re sure to want to take some souvenir photos on the day, and many of these experiences offer the chance for you to take home footage of your flight too, so be sure to read the product details and ask on the day if you’d like to purchase this as an added extra. Friends and family can typically relax at the hangar and watch your experience, which is sure to be memorable for them too!

Want to put your skills to the test before setting foot in a real plane? Check out the thrilling range of flight simulators available in locations around Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. 

What to expect on the day of your jet fighter flight

On arrival you’ll be checked in and given a safety briefing. After this, you'll be kitted out with the right equipment and clothing and then strapped into the fighter. After taxi to the runway, it’s take-off time! You’ll feel the incredible thrust of the jet engine propel you to speeds of up to 800km/h, completing smooth aerobatics manoeuvres including loops, rolls, flips, flops, vertical climbs, and inverted flight (upside down), letting you experience G-Forces of up to + 5.

Flights last from 15 minutes right up to 40 minutes, and most venues can facilitate formation jet flights – so you can fly in formation with a friend in another jet fighter only feet away from you. 

Check the product description for full details on exactly what is supplied and what to bring with you on the day. 

Why Adrenaline 

With our range of the best jet fighter flights in Australia, we’re confident the experience will surpass your expectations. We also work hard to bring you the best value for money, backing this up with our Lowest Price Guarantee. So, if you’re ready to tick a jet fighter flight off your bucket list, book today. 

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