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Jet Fighter Flights

Experience the ultimate Adrenaline rush with a jet fighter flight in an ex-military fighter jet with an experienced jet fighter pilot! After a safety briefing, you will don a military-style flight suit, slim line parachute and Top Gun-style helmet before heading to the runway.  

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Jet fighter rides take off from some of the most scenic regions in Australia, including Hobart with miles of rugged dramatic cliffs and coastline, the Hunter Valley with gentle sweeping vineyards, and Port Macquarie with blue seas and endless sand dunes. Adrenaline’s Australian Jet Fighter Experiences take place from regional airports at a variety of locations. 

Adrenaline only sell the best Jet Fighter Flights so you can be sure that you’re flying with the best. Our Jet pilots include a current RAAF Squadron Leader and Fighter Pilot Instructor with over 30 years’ experience; a former Major in the US Marines (who has flown MiG-29, Hawk and Harrier Jump Jet aircraft); and a former World Aerobatics Champion with over 30 years’ experience.

What to expect on the day of your flight?

After your safety briefing, you'll be kitted out with the right equipment and clothing and then strapped into the fighter. After taxi to the runway, it’s take-off time! You’ll feel the incredible thrust of the jet engine propel you to speeds of up to 800km/h, completing smooth aerobatics maneuvers including loops, rolls, flips, flops, vertical climbs, and inverted flight (upside down), letting you experience G-Forces of up to + 5.

Flights last from 15 minutes right up to 40 minutes, and most venues can facilitate formation jet flights – so you can fly in formation with a friend in another jet fighter only feet away from you. 

Check the product description for full details on exactly what is supplied and what to bring with you on the day. 

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