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Snorkelling tours

Have you ever wanted to discover the unique and magical world that exists below the surface of Australia’s oceans? Without needing a scuba diving certification or extensive training, you can slip on a snorkel and a pair of flippers and experience this incredible part of our world firsthand, swimming alongside fish, dolphins and all manner of marine life.

Not sure where to start? Explore Adrenaline’s snorkel and dive tours to find an underwater adventure to suit your interests and location of choice. With an assortment of snorkelling tours available across the country, you’re sure to find an outing that you’ll back on fondly for years to come.

Is snorkelling good in Australia?

Home to thousands of kilometres of beautiful coastline and an abundance of diverse marine life, Australia is a great place to set out on a snorkelling tour. While the Great Barrier Reef is renowned for its dazzling waters and colourful corals, there are plenty more locations just waiting to be discovered, each offering unique experiences. You might choose to go snorkelling with sea turtles in Byron Bay, explore shipwrecks in Moreton Bay or swim with humpback whales along the Ningaloo Reef.

Plan your trip around your snorkelling tour, or opt to find the perfect adventure to match your existing travel plans. With a choice of short tours and full-day expeditions, you’re sure to find a great option to match your interests.

Is it safe to snorkel in Australia?

Snorkelling in Australia is, for the most part, safe. While you may be concerned about the creatures that call the country’s waterways home, from sharks to crocodiles, chances are that you won’t encounter them during your dive. As with any activity, however, it’s recommended that you remain aware of your surroundings and listen to your tour instructor's advice.

It’s a good idea to keep marine stingers, such as jellyfish, in mind as you snorkel. Although not all stings are overly dangerous, they may be painful and uncomfortable. If you’re joining a snorkelling tour in an area where marine stingers are found, your instructor will talk you through what to look out for and what to do if you have been stung.

As with most other water-based activities, it’s essential to have basic swimming skills if you plan to go snorkelling. If you feel your swimming skills aren’t overly strong or you don’t feel comfortable swimming in open waters, another activity, such as a whale watching cruise or a sightseeing cruise, could be a better fit.

Where is the best snorkelling in Australia?

If you’re looking for great snorkelling in Australia, you’re in for a treat! Around the country’s coastline, you’ll find incredible reefs, historic shipwrecks and all manner of spectacular marine life.

On Australia’s east coast, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the most popular places to snorkel. Known globally as a diver’s paradise, this area is not only home to the world’s largest coral reef system but also an assortment of tropical fish and marine animals. Join an Adrenaline snorkel and dive tour for an adventure you won’t forget in a hurry.

Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef is another fantastic location for snorkelling, welcoming humpback whales and whale sharks to its waters. Home to plenty of beautiful coral species, too, you’ll find no shortage of incredible things to see while snorkelling in this corner of the Indian Ocean.

You can’t pass up swimming with sea turtles in Byron Bay for a unique snorkelling adventure. See these spectacular creatures up close and discover the stunning waters surrounding the popular east coast destination.