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Rally Driving

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Rally Car Driving Experience

No matter where rally drivers in the making are based, Adrenaline can provide the arsenal, expert training and high-powered destinations to transform your rally driving dreams into an Adrenaline-charged reality.

For an unforgettable rally-driving experience in Melbourne, circuitous types are spoilt for choice when they book the Rally Driving Melbourne 17-lap combo (drive two cars) package. This is your chance to drive 16 exhilarating practise laps in any two of the four championship spec cars on offer at the track.

Adrenaline has saved the best for last with a final hot-lap blast by a professional rally driver, with you safely ensconced in the passenger seat. This is designed to provide white-knuckle thrills at their heart-pounding maximum. The Rally Driving Turbo-charged eight-lap drive and one hot lap in Perth provides equal excitement on your very own dirt track, for dust-flying action at its exhilarating best.

The Subaru WRX Rally Driving nine-lap combo in Sydney, where you will take to the wheel for a spellbinding eight laps before one hot lap of pure, professionally handled magic is the package of choice.

In Brisbane, the Gold Coast and throughout Australia, there are equally enlivening rally-driving experiences designed to get your motor running. Adrenaline is also the ultimate drive maker when it comes to the perfect idea for presents for rally drivers of all tastes, locations and inclinations. Gift givers could lean towards a sense of thoughtful practicality and start with a gift voucher for your loveable rev-head from Adrenaline.

They can redeem or be put towards any of the 2500-plus experiences that have been expertly curated and customised by Adrenaline to take place anywhere in Australia. Gift vouchers can be made out to any denomination, instantly emailed or sent via post.

Adrenaline gift vouchers cover all of the experiences and packages offered and, conveniently, are valid for three years. This means that busy circuit and off-road lovers need never miss out on seizing the ideal rally-driving experience, should time slip away from them. 

Can anyone do rally driving?

To do one of these awesome rally driving experiences you have to be over 17 years of age and hold a valid drivers license, this can be P-plate but not Learners Permit holders. The best part is that you don't need to know how to drive a manual, they can give you all the instructions on the day and help you shift gears on your first few laps.

What is rally-car driving?

Rally driving is traditionally a stage-based motorsport that takes place on public or private roads in modified production or professional spec cars. Professional rallying involves a point-to-point format where the participant and their co-driver embark between set points at regular intervals. Speed and timing are the overall determining factors for the victor, but rally driving is a highly skilful form of motor racing that entails a range of techniques. Just some of these include double-clutch, handbrake turn, hill climbing, heel-and-toe and left-foot braking.

The expert rally-driving school instructors can fill you in on all the fascinating, fast-paced tricks of the trade when you book a package to learn to drive like a pro at Adrenaline. 

How to become a rally-car driver?

It won’t happen in a day, but with persistence and perseverance, practice makes perfect. This is where Adrenaline steps into the rally-driver big picture with a range of rally-driving school experiences and full-day packages. But it's not just about the cars, the speed, or the stunts.

Your adventure will give you a deeper appreciation for professional rally driving and the vast array of technical and practical skills required. Each session begins with a briefing on rally-car driving techniques, and what you can expect from your rally-driving experience. Your safety will always be paramount, so you'll strap on a helmet and be secured tightly into your seat while taking the wheel for the drive of your life.

Throughout the experience, your rally-school instructor will provide constant advice, encouragement and feedback, so you will gain the most of this educational and unforgettable, thrill-seeking experience. Rest assured, there's never a dull moment on the circuit, even when you aren't in control.

Many of the rally experiences at Adrenaline come with a championship-pace hot lap, which means your instructor will take over and show you how to handle the full capabilities of a professional rally car. This provides added impetus to the exhilarating experience of rally-car driving, opens your eyes and enlivens your senses to a whole new realm of unforgettable rallying thrills.

Once you’re strapped into your supreme rally car of choice, you'll have the opportunity to blaze through the track under the guidance of your expert instructor. And you won't just learn the bare minimum of how to drive a rally car.

The fun doesn’t stop there. You'll also be intuitively guided on how to hug the curves of the circuit, make the dust fly and gain the full-throttle potential of your rally-driving experience.

What are the best rally cars?

When you book an unstoppable rally car driving experience with Adrenaline, you’ll get to be in the driver’s seat of some of the best rally cars in creation. There is an awe-inspiring fleet to choose from, such as the Subaru WRX STi, 350 V8 SS Holden Commodore, V8 XR8 Falcon Brute rally Ute, Mitsubishi Lancer V8 Evo and many others.

Adrenaline has all the latest and great rally cars at your disposal that have been expertly primed to put you in pole position on the professional circuit, or off road on dust-dancing dirt tracks.