Things to do on the Mornington Peninsula

Things to do on the Mornington Peninsula

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Mornington Peninsula things to do

The Mornington Peninsula is a little over an hour’s drive from Melbourne and ticks all the boxes for adventure lovers.

With its incredible beaches, laid-back seaside lifestyle, delicious local cuisine and exciting sights for the entire stretch, this is one location you’ll definitely want to tick off your Australian bucket list. At Adrenaline, you'll find a huge range of exciting things to do in Mornington Peninsula. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re a local or a visitor just passing through.

What are the best Mornington Peninsula activities?

So, you’re keen to check out the Mornington Peninsula and looking for the best things to do? You’re in the right place. Here at Adrenaline, we have experiences to suit every kind of adventure and help you make the most out of your visit. Whether you’re into exhilarating activities or more laid-back outings, we have something for everyone and all you have to do is browse online to find the experience that excites you the most. To help out, we’ve broken it down into the most popular experiences you can do while you’re exploring this stunning part of Victoria.

Things to do for water-lovers

Seeing as the Mornington Peninsula is famous for being a coastal haven, there are heaps of water sports and heart-pumping adventures you can indulge in while you’re there. Getting out on the water is an amazing way to explore the picturesque coastal sights and a fun opportunity to get active.

You could explore the underwater wonderland with a scuba diving adventure. Whether you’re an experienced diver or a first timer, we have opportunities to dive and learn to dive along the Mornington Peninsula. So see the marine wildlife up close and immerse yourself in the world beneath the ocean surface.

If up close encounters with marine life is what you’re after, you’re in luck. We have opportunities for you to swim and snorkel with dolphins and seals, so you can get to know the most playful marine creatures of them all. Or if you would rather get close but stay out of the water, we also have a dolphin sightseeing cruise that will take you out to explore the beautiful open water of the Mornington Peninsula.

Sea kayaking is another popular choice for anyone keen to get out on the water and explore. Paddling is easy to pick up and it’s the perfect activity for anyone with a sense of adventure. You could choose to do one of our Mornington Peninsula kayaking tours, or go for a package that includes both sea kayaking and the world renowned hot springs to make a day of it.

Adventurous Mornington Peninsula activities

Besides the more adventurous water sports, there are some great opportunities for excitement on land on the Mornington Peninsula. The landscape is lush and the perfect destination for young travelers, families, couples and really anyone who is keen to explore it.

Why not go on a horse riding tour and enjoy an exhilarating adventure through pristine bushland and beach? You can even ride your horse right into the water with our beach trail horse riding experiences and appreciate just how beautiful the coast is from the saddle.

If you’re a car fan, this is the perfect destination to embrace your inner petrol head and experience driving a european supercar. There are plenty of exquisite Lamborghinis and Ferraris just waiting for you to climb in and take them for a spin. Once you’ve felt how powerful and smooth these supercars can ride, it’s difficult to get back into a normal car, but completely worth it.

Book experiences on the Mornington Peninsula and across Australia

We have you covered for new and exciting experiences all over Australia. We have such a huge range of adventures and activities on our site, it’s easy to find something to suit every type of person. So whether you’re an extreme thrill-seeker, a mid-range adventurer or just looking for more chill, family-friendly fun, you can find something to get excited about at Adrenaline.