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Australia’s best go karting experiences

Explore our go karting range and you’ll find a number of thrilling options to choose from in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

We’ve pulled together the very best karting experiences, at the best tracks, using the best fleets, from the best providers, so whether you’re a first timer or a regular around the tracks, we’ve got something to make your day.

You’ll find a good selection of Melbourne go karting options, including a 30-lap session in Port Melbourne on the indoor karting circuit.

Gold Coast has everything from go karting with a session of laser tag to Monster Kart hot laps, taking you to speeds of up to 150km/h. Elsewhere in Queensland, you’ll also find go kart options suitable for both adults and kids in Brisbane.

Discover Australia’s best go karting experiences today!


The great debate: indoor go karting v outdoor go karting 

Which is better, outdoor or indoor karting tracks? Both offer the exhilaration of karting racing, so it really depends what you’re looking for.

Racing outside in the open air is a great experience, with sun beating down on the asphalt and the feel of the breeze as you zoom along the track.

With indoor go karting, you don’t necessarily get these same sensations, but the flipside is that because the go kart hire needn’t worry about weather conditions, tracks of this nature are usually a little more technical and challenging.

Both indoor and outdoor karting are a real adrenaline rush, so take a look at what racing experiences are available near you, grab some mates and take your pick.

Go karting packages

Make your day even better by teaming go karting with another exciting activity. Take a look at our range and you’ll combo packages for karting and paintballing and karting and laser tag.

Some of these karting experiences include a one-year licence, so if you’re keen to beat your best lap times or think you’re ready to shift gears into competitive go kart racing, now’s your chance! 

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At Adrenaline, we've been bringing you Australia's best experiences for years. All Adrenaline experience vouchers are valid for five years, so you can shop with confidence and use them when the time is right. All vouchers can be emailed quickly and easily, or sent by post if you prefer. This makes them a great last-minute gift option, as well as the perfect way to escape the everyday. 

Take a look at our full driving experiences range for even more fun on four wheels, on the track, on the road and off the road in locations across Australia.