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Where to Canyon in Australia

There are tons of canyoning experiences throughout Australia, from Sydney to Cairns Adrenaline has an experience for you. 

Sydney is a fantastic launching point for a canyoning trip you’ll never forget, with the Blue Mountains close by. From Sydney, you have options including:

Meanwhile, Cairns canyoning offers the chance to explore tropical rainforests and stunning gorges.

Most canyoning tours operate in the warmer months, making these tours the perfect Christmas present, but you can also do dry winter canyoning in the colder season. Either way, the canyons in the sandstone cliffs of the Blue Mountains or the sub-temperate rainforests of the South Coast are a sight to behold.

What Does a Canonying Experience Involve?

Every canyoning experience is unique, but there are a few similarities. On a tour canyoning Australia, you’ll meet up with your fellow canyoners at the starting point, where you’ll get a safety briefing and a short training session for skills like abseiling. After donning your wetsuit, helmet, harness, and pack, you’re ready to begin your adventure.

The best part about canyoning is having to tackle any challenges that come your way. You’ll make your way down the canyon with a mix of abseiling, rock climbing, water jumps, wading, swimming, and hiking until you reach the other side. It’s a real workout, but worth it.

Don’t forget your (waterproof) camera to get some unique photo ops throughout the experience.

A Canyoning Experience for Everyone

Canyoning requires at least a moderate level of fitness, but there are tours suited for people of all experience levels.

Beginners can opt for a half-day canyoning, or a full-day if they’re up for a more strenuous adventure. Meanwhile, experienced canyoners can take on a more advanced challenge with extra climbs, jumps, and abseils.

Gift a Canyoning Experience

With a voucher from Adrenaline, you can gift a loved one the experience of a lifetime, with a canyoning experience they’re bound to love. Whether you get a voucher for yourself to tick this experience off your bucket list or get your partner an anniversary canyoning trip, the possibilities are endless.