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Clay Shooting Australia

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Why should I choose a clay shooting experience?

Clay shooting is not only a sporting and leisure pursuit that is gaining popularity, but it also provides the chance to gather the crew and hone your skills in an atmosphere of awe-inspiring self-achievement and group togetherness.   

No matter where you’re based throughout Australia, you’ll soon be shattering the clay targets to dust in a range of experiences offered at Adrenaline.

What makes clay shooting so much fun?

Dexterity and concentration levels combine to make the sport of clay shooting an activity that the whole family can enjoy and also acquire or refine their clay-shooting prowess.

No particular skill level is required, but a sense of fun and professional expertise combine to make clay shooting a must for groups, couples, singles and all lovers of leisure sports.

Would clay shooting be a good gift for dad?

If your aim is to thrill dad with an unexpected and relaxing experience, then the fine art of clay shooting makes for an on-target and affordable gift idea.

The Clay Target Shooting Experience – Woongoolba, Gold Coast makes an unforgettable activity for dad, especially given the spirit of skills-based adventure and breathtaking surrounds of the state-of-the-art shooting range.

Can I go clay shooting for my Buck’s party?

Clay shooting provides good, clean, honest fun for Buck’s parties and all group settings. This skills-focused activity is a confidence boosting and target-oriented event that suits all special occasions or as an innately individual sport. Either way, the party spirit will thrive and come alive with professional tuition and encouragement at state-of-the-art shooting ranges across Australia.   

The City Target Shooting Experience at Quandong, Melbourne, is a prime example. You and your mates will receive expert one-on-one instruction from gold-medal champions and shoot up to 35 clay targets. There are even friendly competitions on the day as part of your group-bonding experience, with prizes awarded for the best aim in the clay shooting game. 

Is clay shooting a safe experience?

Clay target shooting is not only oriented towards introducing participants to new experiences, but they will also aim to attain personal goals in the safest environment.

A comprehensive safety briefing and use of all equipment are part of every clay-shooting experience offered at Adrenaline.

The clay targets won’t fly until you feel 100 per cent ready to make a hit. Your championship-level instructor is with you every step of the way, to guide and encourage you in this thrilling new recreational pursuit.