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What are the best things to do in NSW? 

New South Wales is a state packed with beautiful destinations and great things to do. It has pristine beaches, metropolitan city life in Sydney, vineyards, bushland, sand dunes and plenty in between, so it can be tricky to narrow down the best places to go in NSW. What you can do is take a look at what there is to do in the different parts of the state, and decide where you want to go based on what interests you the most.  

Which is where we come in. At Adrenaline, we’re here to help you add some excitement into your life with our huge range of NSW attractions, experiences, activities and adventures. Just browse our site and seeing which experiences jump out at you. 

You might be interested in taking on a treetop playground or white water rafting in Coffs Harbour. Or maybe outdoorsy activities like rock climbing, canyoning and abseiling are what you’re interested in - all of which you can find in the Blue Mountains

If you’re a bit of a petrol head, there are a bunch of driving experiences in NSW to get excited about. You can find V8 driving, hot laps, defensive driving courses and plenty more in hot spots like Bathurst and Eastern Creek.  

Horse riding tours and surfing are other adventures to add your to-do list. You can enjoy these experiences and a whole lot more in the coastal spots of Byron Bay and the Central Coast. 

Wherever you go in NSW, Adrenaline is your one stop shop to find out the best things to do. So check out our extensive variety of experiences across NSW and making a call on the best places to go will be easy. 

Bucket list experiences in NSW 

As the state’s capital city, Sydney is home to the most famous landmarks in the country, and Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House are even more magnificent up close. Whether you’re a Sydney-sider or a visitor, a jet boat ride or kayaking adventure is a great way to see them. 

NSW is also the perfect place to tick hot air ballooning off your bucket list. Soar over the famous Hunter Valley wine region or the iconic beach town of Byron Bay and enjoy an unforgettable flight. 
To continue the flying theme, we can’t forget the magnificence of a helicopter flight. We have scenic helicopter rides that will take you over cities and coastal landscapes across NSW from Sydney Harbour to Wollongong waterfalls and pristine collections of beaches. You can even learn to fly a helicopter if that’s on your bucket list! 
You should also consider visiting Port Stephens, if only to experience the Stockton Sand Dunes. Go sandboarding or take on the extreme dune terrain by quad bike with our range of Port Stephens sand dune tours. You won’t regret it. 

What are the best beaches in NSW? 

Australia’s east coast is famous for its pristine beaches, and NSW is home to a lot of them. In fact, Sydney is packed with incredible beaches along its coast, despite being the bustling city centre. Spots like Balmoral Beach, Palm Beach, Bronte Beach, Manly and countless more (including the world-famous Bondi) are all an easy distance from the Sydney CBD, so you can get the Australian beach experience while staying in town.  

South of Sydney there’s Jervis Bay, which is famous for its white sand and crystal water. This is a great spot to visit and enjoy activities like kayaking, whale watching and dolphin spotting. 

Then there are great beach towns like NewcastleWollongong and Byron Bay, plus countless more beaches you can check out along the coast. Make the most out of the NSW beaches and check out our water sports, including surfing, jet boating, parasailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkelling, scuba diving and heaps more.  

Book experiences in New South Wales and across Australia 

Wherever you are, wherever you’re going, and whatever you’re into, Adrenaline has exciting experiences across Australia. We want to make living your life to the fullest an everyday activity. So check out our huge range of adventures and add some excitement to your life.