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Budding pro golfers and absolute beginners can get into the swing with expert pointers and packages for perfect golfing gifts.

Adrenaline offers a range of golf experiences throughout Australia that are designed for a ‘hole’ lot of family fun in one.

The Indoor Mini Golf 18-Hole – Sydney package suits hitters as young as two years old. Test your skill level and combine a competitive spirit with big savings for families and groups. 

This Hollywood-themed indoor course at Mega Mini Golf, Campbelltown, will keep all the gang entertained for hours. It’s also the perfect all-ages activity in any weather.

An on-site café also takes care of hunger pangs after the 18-hole game is won with a hole in one. In any case, this course is made for fun.

Adrenaline also offers the 36-Hole Outdoor Mini Golf With Slushy And Novelty Gift – Perth. This package is bound to stretch your golfing limits and quite possibly the friendship, given the intense concentration levels. The beautiful backdrop of the Wanneroo Botanic Gardens provides the perfect foil.

Children aged four years old and above can tee off in pro style at this expertly designed course. They are bound to savour the complimentary beverage and fun gift received by every participant.

There’s also an on-site café for the whole family to enjoy a wood-fired pizza or some drinks from the bar.

You can order these golf experiences or a gift voucher for redeeming golf or any Adrenaline activity or package online. Vouchers start from $25 and are valid for three years. They can be emailed or sent via post.

What skills do you need for golf?

Patience, practise and more patience make perfect for the skilful art of golf. 

This world-famous professional and recreational pursuit encompasses so much more than knowing which club to use for which hole.  

You will need to learn how to tee off with correct swing actions, the distance required to propel your tiny white ball with the appropriate golf club to each particular green and, importantly, how to putt like a pro. 

What to wear golfing for the first time?

Smart casual attire, with an emphasis on comfortable clothing that moves when you do and won’t restrict your swing is recommended for first-time golf experiences. 

On the fairways and greens, you must wear custom-made, studded-sole golf shoes, but for indoor golf experiences, comfortable enclosed footwear is acceptable. 

If playing golf outdoors, a cap or hat and sunglasses are a prerequisite and you should apply plenty of broad-spectrum SPF to keep the sun’s harmful rays at bay. 

What are the benefits of playing golf?

The famous American pro golfer, Arnold Palmer, once said: “Success in this game depends less on strength of the body than strength of mind and character.”

Patience is definitely a virtue when mastering the finite art of playing golf and not just in the professional realm. On a recreational level, playing golf is an ideal exercise in developing hand-eye coordination.

Golf is also a pastime that attracts a fanatical following, so the social aspect of mutual respect for the age-old sport creates a club-like atmosphere that’s grounded on perfecting your skills, overcoming innate frustrations and celebrating the gradual or rapid decline in your golfing handicap.

Playing golf is also a great way to keep fit, enjoy long walks in perfectly manicured, natural surroundings and make like-minded friends for life.