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Rock Climbing

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Learn to Rock Climb!

Designed for those somewhat new to the sport, these rock climbing experiences cover all the basic safety and strategy pointers to get you climbing. But don’t be fooled, “introductory rock climbing” doesn’t mean you’re resting close to the ground. New to the sport or not, you’ll be scaling 40-foot walls on a few of these experiences before the day is done!

Other intro rock climbing courses are dedicated to abseiling. Learn how to rappel from steep cliffsides and experience thrills that aren’t always so common on a first-time rock climbing adventure! Taking you climbing experience a step further, full-day rock climbing excursions give you even more time to practice different techniques and difficulty levels.

Rock Climbing: A Sport for Everyone

Sure, it requires a little physicality but Rock climbing is, above all, a mental exercise—it’s a sport with a surprising amount of strategy involved. Outdoor rock climbing, in particular, requires you to constantly be paying close attention to your surroundings (you make your own route, after all). Often, doing so has you thinking three, four or even five steps ahead. Anyone with a thirst for adventure and a love for problem-solving can make it to the top!

Book a Rock Climbing Experience!

Weather your rock climbing Brisbane, rock climbing Perth, travelling to Margaret River WA or charting adventure in the Sunshine Coast, these rocky excursions are among the best in Australia. When you book a rock climbing experience with us, you can always expect the newest gear, the most engaging instructors and views worthy of a National Geographic cover shot.

Part heart-pounding sport, part chess game with nature—rock climbing is, without a doubt, one of the most gratifying activities on this green earth. Book your adventure today and fall in love with it!