Things to do in Western Australia

Things to do in Western Australia

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Where to go in Western Australia?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed while trying to find things to do in Western Australia, that’s completely understandable. WA is famous for its natural beauty, rugged coastlines and natural parks, but it’s also enormous—2.646 million square kilometres, to be precise. In that large area there are hundreds of unique destinations and hidden gems you should know about.

At Adrenaline, we offer outstanding experiences across Western Australia, from the capital city of Perth (and nearby Fremantle), to Rockingham, the Kalbarri National Park, Rottnest Island, Barbagallo race track, the Margaret River region and more. If you’re searching for the best Western Australia has to offer, we have the experiences for you.

The most popular experiences in Western Australia are clustered along the state’s south-west coast. A trip to Perth and the surrounding regions will provide you with dozens of opportunities to see the best of the state. The capital city is famed for its white sand beaches, stunning marine life, and world-class experiences. Whether it’s swimming with wild dolphins, embarking on an adrenaline-fuelled driving trip, or enjoying a beautiful meal as you cruise down the Swan River, our range of Perth activities offers something for everyone.

Part of Perth’s appeal is its close proximity to some of Australia’s best landmarks, landscapes, and tourist attractions. Why not visit the outstanding Rottnest Island to see the natural rock formations and meet the adorable quokka population? Plus, with easy ferry transfers to seaplane tours, hiking, kayaking, cruises and scenic flight experiences, the island has a thrilling experience for even the most adventurous of visitors. 

Margaret River is the perfect destination for wine, nature, and activity lovers. From cave exploration to river rafting, Adrenaline has exciting experiences suited to different interests. 

Heading north, Western Australia’s Turquoise Coast is an area that shouldn’t be missed. From sand boarding and trips to the Pinnacles Desert to lobster farms and swimming with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef, this region is filled with stunning experiences and local culture.

When is the best time to visit Western Australia?

Western Australia’s size makes it the perfect place to visit, no matter the season. From the Mediterranean South to the Tropical North, the climate is diverse, so you simply need to pick the right time of year for your destination of choice. 

Visit the south of WA from November to March for ideal weather, or explore the North of WA between May and October. Plan your trip wisely, but remember, you’ll always find plenty of fun things to do in WA here at Adrenaline.

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From white sand beaches and cold drinks by the sea to incredible national parks and skydiving experiences, Adrenaline has an activity suitable for every adventurer. We’re dedicated to making life experiences accessible to everyone. Check out our huge range of experiences and discover your next adventure today.