Things to do in Uluru

Things to do in Uluru

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Where is Uluru?

As one of Australia’s most iconic landmarks, Uluru’s location right in the centre of the country is fitting. Specifically, Uluru is in the heart of quintessentially ‘Aussie outback’ landscape in the southwest corner of the Northern Territory. It actually sits within the 330,000-acre Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, which was set up to protect the sacred rock and adjacent natural assets. 

There’s no accomodation or services for tourists within the park, but Ayers Rock Resort sits right outside the park border. The most popular town to access Uluru is Alice Springs, which is about a five to six hour drive away. To get from Alice Springs to Uluru you can take buses, drive yourself, or fly directly from the Alice Springs airport to the Ayers Rock Connellan Airport.

Other must-see Australian landmarks near Uluru are Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), Kings Canyon and Mount Conner. Don’t let Uluru’s location in the heart of the desert scare you off, it’s well worth the visit.

What makes Uluru worth visiting?

There is nothing like Uluru anywhere else in the world, so you can guarantee a completely unique experience on your trip to Australia’s Northern Territory. Rising nearly 350 meters above the desert plain, 863 meters above sea level, and measuring 9.4km in circumference, Uluru is a seriously impressive sight to see. Pictures and postcards don’t compare to seeing it for yourself!

Plus, if you’re looking for reasons to visit Uluru, why not check out the once-in-a-lifetime experiences we have here at Adrenaline? For example, you could skydive Uluru for a spectacular skydiving experience like nothing else. Jumping out of a plane and freefalling is an incredible adrenaline rush wherever you do it, and we have a huge range of tandem and solo skydiving opportunities you can browse on our site

But skydiving over Australia’s Red Centre with an unobstructed view of one the country’s most famous landmarks is the experience of a lifetime. We have a range of skydiving options that can either take you up to jump in the bright desert sun, Uluru sunset or Uluru sunrise. Whatever time you pick, tandem skydiving Uluru is a memory you’ll treasure forever. 

If flying in an aircraft is more your style, scenic Uluru helicopter flights are another experience that make a visit to the Aussie outback well worth the journey. Helicopter tours give you the panoramic views and perspective to really appreciate the grand scale of the monolithic rock formation, and get that postcard-perfect view of this great Australian landmark. 

Taking off from the edge of the national park, you’ll feel the thrill of sweeping over the red dessert in an exciting helicopter ride. You can take a short flight that takes you soaring around Uluru for unbeatable views, or choose to add on some extra time and explore surrounding sights on your flight. Looking out from the helicopter over Uluru and the sprawling desert landscape is the perfect way to make your visit spectacular. Check out our Uluru helicopter flights at Adrenaline and book in your experience. 

What are the best Uluru tours?

If you’re visiting Uluru, you’ll want to consider what kinds of Uluru tours are available and which are the best to do. You could go and simply explore on foot, but opting for a unique and exciting Uluru tour will enhance your experience and really make the most of your valuable trip time.

At Adrenaline, we have a range of experiences to suit every type of person. So whether you’re into high-thrill adrenaline rush activities or more laid-back options, you can find something here to suit you. 

For something completely unique, why not take a Harley Davidson tour around Uluru? Jump onto one of these iconic bikes for a Harley motorcycle tour and enjoy the exhilaration of speeding through the long, winding desert roads. You could set out in the morning to see the land come to life and watch the incredible Uluru sunrise, or opt for an evening ride to see the red light fade and savour the Uluru sunset. 

You could even take a longer ride and check out The Olgas/Kata Tjuta. All in style on the back of a legendary Harley Davidson motorcycle.

We also have Uluru tours on Segways that let you explore the Australian outback with ease, speed, and comfort. Perfect for any eco-conscious visitors! In our range of Segway tours you can ride around the entire base of Uluru, watch the Uluru sunrise, and spend a few hours seeing and learning about the sacred Australian landscape. 

Then of course, we have amazing Uluru helicopter flight tours that give you the best views over the desert and the magnificent landmark. Or if you’re up for extreme thrills, jumping out of a plane and skydiving Uluru is an experience that will spice up your visit!

What are the best sights in Australia?

There are so many amazing things to see in Australia, but you could narrow it down to these seven most popular attractions and check out our great range of experiences in each spot. In New South Wales you need to see Sydney Harbour with its crowning gems: Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. In Victoria the Great Ocean Road is a drive well worth the journey, and we have plenty of amazing tours here at Adrenaline. 

In the Northern Territory, Uluru is one of the best things to see in Australia, and you can take Harley Davidson tours, scenic Uluru helicopter flights, or go skydiving during the Uluru sunset. There are plenty of Uluru tours here at Adrenaline, so just take a look!

Up in Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest and Whitsundays are destinations you need to tick off your bucket list. Then Tasmania as a whole is something you need to check out. 

At Adrenaline we have a huge range of hand-picked experiences all over Australia, so just browse the site and find something that gets you excited.