Off Road Racing

Off Road Racing

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Now you can experience the thrill of Off Road Racing in a Genuine V8 Race Buggy - the same vehicle used in Off Road Races all over Australia including the world famous Finke Desert Race!

These incredible high performance vehicles will have you grinning from gear to gear when you see them! Powered by a monster 4L Lexus V8 engine and featuring power assisted rack and pinion steering, 15 inch BTR rims with Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ's and a 5 speed Renault gearbox they are capable of speeds up to 220kmh!

Off Road Racing in a Genuine V8 Race Buggy

With a variety of different packages they are sure to have something for you - if you don't want to drive we have Hot Lap Packages where we strap you into the passenger seat and let the pro loose with you on the track for 1,2 or 5 laps!

If you think you have what it takes to drive you can do that as well - with no license required as full training and assistance will be provided on the day and you will have a professional next to you in the navigators seat talking you through every corner via a mic and headset in your helmet.

If you want the ultimate Off Road V8 Race Buggy Experience we recommend that you go for one of our Drive AND Hot Lap packages where you will get to take control in the driver’s seat followed by 2 full on Hot Laps in the navigator's seat. 

Off Road Driving Session

You will put the Off Road Buggy through its paces, whilst fine tuning your off road driving technique in a real race Dune Buggy.

Experience high speeds and sliding action in the latest and safest 'state of the art' purpose-built Off Road Buggies and Dune Buggies, powered by a Lexus 4L V8 Engine managed by Haltech Engine Systems. The buggies have all racing safety features inbuilt, including 5.3" safety harnesses and SAS Racing seats.

The self-drive circuit is suitable for beginners through to experienced off road drivers.

Your confidence will grow as each lap goes by and so will your speed down the back dirt straight - getting plenty of sideways action. Decked out in your full face helmet, overalls and strapped into a 5 point race harness you are completely safe to unleash your inner speed demon!

You'll also get to know how the buggy handles and learn about picking the best lines of the circuit.

You can also experience hot laps as a navigator beside a professional Off Road Driver. Prepare to hang on! With adrenalin still coursing through your veins, climb in with a professional driver for some exhilarating air time!

Dune Buggy Hot Lap

Get ready and prepare to hang on for one, two or five fast-paced hot laps as navigator - seated beside a professional Off Road Driver. With your instructor behind the wheel, you will experience a 'full on' ride that gets the adrenalin pumping!

Locations around Australia include Sydney NSW, Gold Coast QLD, Alice Springs NT.