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Your Segway Experience

Your Segway tour begins with a quick primer in Segway riding and safety. You’ll be kitted out with a helmet and coached on using the machine. Segway riding is easy to get the hang of. Lean forward or backward to move or slow down while gyroscope technology keeps you upright. Under the supervision of experienced guides, you’ll be cruising around with confidence in no time. Whether you choose to glide through your tour peacefully or ramp up the energy and zoom around is up to you!

Segway NSW

A wide variety of Segway tours are on offer right in New South Wales. The Sydney Olympic Park has both a beginner's tour and an intense, 90-minute course for the more adventurous Segway enthusiast.  Looking for more thrills? Let the dirt fly on a Segway Blue Mountains tour. You'll be equipped with a special Segway X2 all-terrain machine. Don't forget your camera!

Segway Australia

The Segway adventures don’t end in New South Wales; we’ve got Segway tours all over Australia covering a slew of different interests!

The Sunshine State looks beautiful by Segway! On a Segway Gold Coast eco-adventure tour, observe wildlife and take in the beautiful scenery as you glide past beaches and waterfalls. If you're more of an urban explorer, there are tours both day and night in several cities. Feel the rush of zooming down bustling streets on a nighttime joy ride.

There's Segway riding fun to be had further south as well. Perhaps you'd fancy a glass of wine after your adventure? Take a vineyard tour by Segway. Victoria’s picturesque Yarra Valley offers combo packages with lunch and vino. No matter what experience you choose, you’ll have big opportunities to enjoy the scenery, discover new neighbourhoods and snap lots of colourful photos!