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What virtual reality experiences are available?

There are a range of virtual reality experiences on offer here at Adrenaline. From team-based adventures where you’ll need to work together to complete a goal (like saving the world or keeping enemies at bay), to solo activities like getting behind the wheel of a race car or a flight simulator. Like escape rooms? Or maybe you’re just curious to give them a try? Why not get your group together and put on VR headsets to take these immersive, fun activities to another level.

Here are a few of the options:

Whichever one of these experiences you choose, you’ll find they are a whole lot of fun and available at locations around Australia. Take a look through the full range yourself and you’ll see options in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.

Love virtual reality? Be sure to also take a look at our incredible selection of ultra-realistic flight simulators and F1 & Racing simulators and prepare to be amazed. 

Who are virtual reality experiences for?

VR experiences are suitable for all kinds of people. Naturally, gamers will enjoy some of the challenges, but these activities are easy for everyone to get involved with. Whether you love puzzles and solving challenges or are a racing fanatic or thrill seeker, virtual reality is great fun for all ages. It’s a great way to escape and try out some daring activities that just aren’t possible in the real world.

If you’re looking for a corporate or team day out with a difference, why not give virtual reality a go? Many of the games are ideal for team building, as they demand communication and working together as a group to get the job done. They also offer plenty of laughs!

It’s also a great birthday party idea, or an activity to enjoy as a group on any occasion. Virtual reality is an inexpensive thing to do and ideal for all weather conditions.

Where can I book virtual reality activities?

Booking your virtual reality experience at Adrenaline is simple. You can browse through the full range to see what’s on offer and narrow down your search by state or price range. Once you see an experience you like you can either book your preferred time and date instantly, or get a gift voucher to choose later. Confirmation is sent by email, so this is a great last minute gift idea.

All Adrenaline experiences are backed by our Lowest Price Guarantee, so you can book your virtual reality experience (or anything else for that matter) with confidence.