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What is Parasailing? 

This is an activity that combines the fun of taking on water with the exhilaration of flying, to create the ultimate water sports adventure. It involves a recreational kiting activity where you’re suspended in the air by a parachute-style canopy wing attached to a vehicle (usually a boat). As the speed boat pulls you along, you ride the wind with the rush of the ocean air all around you. This form of kiting is a seriously exciting water sport that gets your blood pumping like nothing else. 

As the parascender, i.e., the person involved in this activity, you don’t have to do anything to control the parachute. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as the speed boat pulls you along. If the boat has enough power, multiple people can enjoy this together in a tandem experience, so you can go with a friend, family member, or partner! 

Paragliding vs Parasailing  

While both offer the thrill of flying, the two activities differ mainly in how you're lifted into the air and the type of equipment used. Paragliding is more about riding thermals and requires more skill, whereas parasailing is about being towed by a boat with less control needed by the rider. 

How high do Parasails go?  

Soaring behind the speed boat, you’ll be 100m above the water at the peak of your parasailing flight. It’s the perfect vantage point to spot marine life in the water below and enjoy incredible panoramic views stretching out around you. The heights and the rush of flying is sure to get your heart racing! 

How High is 800 Feet Parasailing? 

When reaching heights like 800 feet while parasailing, you're elevated to where the views are unparalleled. The experience is like floating on air, with the landscape stretching out beneath you in all directions. 

Is there a weight limit for parasailing? 

Weight restrictions do apply for parasailing to keep the experience safe and enjoyable. When you book your experience from /through  Adrenaline, your parasailing operator will specify the exact weight limitations. But generally, solo parasailers need to be within the maximum weight of 140kg, and tandem parasailers need to be within the maximum combined weight of 200kg and minimum combined weight of 65kg. We have those limitations listed on site for different parasailing experiences and if you have any questions - just ask! 

What to wear in parasailing? 

While parasailing takes you flying over the water, you won’t necessarily be fully submerged in the water at any point during the activity. Modern methods of parasailing involve taking off and landing on the deck of the boat, so whether you go for a swim in the water is up to you! You will be exposed to wind and ocean spray though, so parasailing operators recommend swimwear (for warm days). It’s also important that whatever you are wearing fits closely enough to not fall off or get caught in the harness. 

Can You Parasail in the Rain? 

Parasailing in the rain is generally not recommended due to safety concerns. Clear weather conditions are ideal for a safe and enjoyable experience. Visibility is also much better in clear conditions, ensuring you can fully appreciate the breathtaking views without the interference of rain or stormy weather. 

Can You Parasail While Pregnant? 

Engaging in parasailing while expecting is generally discouraged due to the inherent risks associated. It's crucial to prioritise your health and that of your unborn child above all else. Always consult with a healthcare professional before engaging in activities that place a strain on your body or involve significant heights and forces. The well-being of both mother and child is paramount, and medical guidance ensures that any decisions made are in the best interest of both. 

Where to go Parasailing in Australia?

With picturesque coastlines and waterways, Australia is the ideal destination for parasailing tours and watersports in general, with both Perth and the Gold Coast serving as prime destinations for this thrilling activity. 

Parasailing in Perth promises an unforgettable adventure against the backdrop of Western Australia's stunning coastline. As participants take to the skies, they're treated to breathtaking views of Perth's iconic skyline and the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean below.   

Flying over the water is a real rush, but there are thrills to be had closer to sea level as well. You’ll find heaps of water-based sports activities on the Gold Coast, including parasailing tours that have a combination of multiple watersports. Combine the thrills of jet boating, and jet skiing while you’re on the Gold Coast and enjoy an epic day out on the water.  

Whether in Perth or the Gold Coast, parasailing offers an unforgettable experience with the beauty of Australia's coastal scenery.