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Swimming With Sharks

Rows upon rows of jagged teeth. The ominous shape of a fin slicing across the water's surface. The cold, black, unblinking eye of the world's most terrifying apex predator...the shark. Challenge your instincts and come face-to-face with these monsters of the deep on a shark cage diving experience. Swimming with sharks is not for the faint of heart, but it is a heck of a reminder of our place on the food chain!
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Shark Diving – Melbourne and Sydney

For a casual experience, you can go swimming with sharks without leaving the city! On an aquarium shark diving adventure, swim freely among gentle whale sharks, grey nurse sharks and hundreds of other fish species in a controlled environment. There's no need for a cage! Swimming with whale sharks doesn't even require prior diving experience. You'll receive a theory session in scuba diving as well as a water training session before you go mingle with the exotic sea creatures.

Reef Eco-Tours and Swimming with Sharks – Port Lincoln Shark Diving

To see the beast in its natural environment, head to South Australia's Ningaloo Reef for an epic day of snorkelling and swimming with whale sharks. There are non-swimming tour options for those who prefer to keep their feet dry! And if whale sharks sound too tame, a Port Lincoln Shark Diving experience offers the chance to descend into a unique glass cage and get up close with the ultimate underwater carnivore...the Great White Shark! You can choose on the spot whether you want to take the plunge or stay onboard the vessel during the cage dive. Either way, you'll be surrounded by the stark beauty of the Neptune Islands—keep your eye out for sea lions and fur seals!

Great White Shark Diving Experiences

To truly immerse yourself in the world of the Great White Shark, you can embark on a live-on-board, multi-day shark diving tour. Non-certified divers (the majority of partakers) can participate in surface cage dives, available on all tours. And for divers with a PADI Open Water certification, the ultimate challenge awaits at the bottom of the sea: the world's only ocean floor cage dive! The 20m-deep cage is the ideal vantage point for sighting colourful fish, enormous stingrays and of course the Great White Shark. On both surface cage dives and ocean floor cage dives, you'll feel safe in the hands of the highly qualified dive professionals guiding you every step of the way.

Witnessing these magnificent creatures up close on a shark diving experience is a chance to better
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