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Racing Simulators

Adrenaline provides a taste of the real deal in pro driving simulation experiences to get your heart racing and spirit soaring. With all the latest and greatest in racing wheel, cockpits, gear shift and all racing simulation equipment on offer, you’ll be channelling your inner pro race car driver in no time flat while exhibiting masterful style.

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Simulation is the next best option as a true-to-form race-driving experience – and the effect is overwhelmingly real.

Go over and above your driving capabilities, while eliminating risk of insult or injury, with the heart-pounding range of racing simulators packages on offer at Adrenaline.  

You can choose from F1 or V8 racing simulator experiences in Sydney or the Gold Coast. The F1 package is the closest you’ll get to experience an on-track Formula 1 experience on the straits of Monaco or Melbourne. Triple high-definition screens and Dolby surround sound amplify the overall effect of this ultra-realistic simulation in pro driving.  This full-motion experience, with its multi-axis movements of steering wheel and pedals, is so realistic that it is used as a training mechanism for F1 drivers. Fully adjustable seating allows for maximum comfort and, ultimately, high performance standards.

The V8 racing simulator package offers the same levels of comfort, enjoyment, state-of-the art visual and motion technology. When combined, this equates to the closest experience you and your motor fan mates will likely come to roaring down Conrad Strait at Mt Panorama in fearless race-chasing fashion. 

So put yourself in the thick of the driving action by booking these and other racing-simulator packages online at Adrenaline.

You could also purchase an Adrenaline gift voucher for your budding pro racing champion. Vouchers can be used to redeem the 2500-plus experiences offered on land, water or in the air at every location throughout Australia. Adrenaline gift vouchers are valid for three years and can be emailed to the recipient or yourself, or sent via post.

What is a racing simulator?

Racing simulation or sim racing is electronically based, but it’s by no means a game. Unlike video driving games, which are designed for novice drivers, racing simulators employ advanced physics that mimic the exact experience of professional race driving.    

Also unlike video games, racing simulators are far more punishing than a game scenario. This is because the state-of-the-art technology of race simulators requires the driver to perform at pro racing standards. You’ll feel the full gamut of true racing car practicalities and requirements, such as fuel consumption levels, tyre wear and tear, exterior damage, suspension settings and other crucial on-track variables that affect competitive performance and ultimately the race outcome.   

What are the advantages of racing simulators?

The obvious advantages of racing simulators over their real-life counterparts is a complete removal if not reversal of high-cost factors, risk, damage and self injury to the driver and vehicle. 

The other benefit is that most age groups can take part in a racing simulator experience, making them an ideal option for learner drivers or motor enthusiasts seeking to raise their skill levels and on-road awareness. 

Can driving skills improve from racing simulators?

Professional racing car drivers are not the only beneficiaries of racing simulator training. 

Racing simulators were also designed to improve everyday real-life driving skills. This purpose was a key determinant in their initial creation.

While racing simulation is a serious exercise, the relief-inducing aspect of a simulated driving experience allows for a more relaxed and free-spirited approach to this unique activity. It might feel like you’re scraping walls on the professional circuit, but there’s no harm done, except to your pride. This results in a win-win for your all-round exhilaration and enjoyment levels.

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