Things to do in Port Douglas

Things to do in Port Douglas

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What to do in Port Douglas 

Port Douglas is the closest port to the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef and is just an hour south of the Daintree Rainforest, making it an incredible place to stay and play for anyone looking to explore these natural wonders.  

Great Barrier Reef tours  

A Great Barrier Reef tour from Port Douglas is an experience you need to tick off your bucket list. Choose from our catamaran and sailing cruises, giving you chance to snorkel, scuba dive, swim, check out the underwater observatory or simply relax and soak up the views of the incredible azure waters.  

River drift snorkelling 

Let the current guide you and go river drift snorkelling in the rainforest, looking out for fish and even turtles as you go. This is a unique way to get active in an incredible natural environment and a Port Douglas experience not to miss.  

Mossman Gorge 

One day trip from Port Douglas that’s well worth taking is the Mossman Gorge adventure tour in Daintree National Park. Immerse yourself in nature and take a guided walk through lush rainforest and below huge trees, then take a refreshing dip and go snorkelling down river.  

Flight over the Great Barrier Reef 

For a true sense of the scale of the Great Barrier Reef you need to see it from above. A scenic flight or helicopter ride from Port Douglas gives unbeatable aerial views of this natural wonder. Soak up the majestic views and look out for marine life.  

Where is Port Douglas? 

Port Douglas is a coastal town in Queensland. It’s known as the gateway to two World Heritage-listed locations that sit side by side – the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest.  


How far is Port Douglas from Cairns? 

Port Douglas is around 70 kilometres (40 miles) north of Cairns. It’s an incredibly scenic one-hour journey (known as the Great Barrier Reef Drive) alongside the coral sea, passing unspoilt beaches and coastal villages like Palm Cove.  

If you’ve got the time, we recommend stopping off and taking in the sights along the way. Cairns to Port Douglas is one of Australia’s best coastal drives.  


How far is the Daintree from Port Douglas?  

The journey from Port Douglas to the Daintree Ferry takes around an hour. Allow around 90 minutes from leaving Port Douglas to board the car ferry to cross the Daintree River and drive onwards to the Daintree Discovery Centre.  

Port Douglas to Cape Tribulation takes around two hours. Cape Tribulation is 35 kilometres north of the ferry crossing and the drive is a memorable one, taking you along windy roads deep in the world’s oldest tropical rainforest.