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The perfect choice if you know they love adventure but you're unsure what to choose. All you need to do is tell us how much you want to spend and they can choose their adventure! Adrenaline Gift Vouchers are valid for 5 years.

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The perfect choice if you know they love adventure but you're unsure what to choose. All you need to do is tell us how much you want to spend and they will choose their adventure! Gift Voucher credit valid for 5 years.

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Adrenaline Gift Vouchers

How do gift vouchers work?

If you've been lucky enough to receive an Adrenaline gift voucher then you'll want to know how to use it. The information on the page covers the most frequently asked questions, to make it as easy as possible to redeem your voucher.

You'll find the answer to questions relating to gift voucher validity, refunds, using multiple vouchers, what to do if your voucher is about to expire and how to transfer the voucher to someone else.

How to present a voucher as a gift?

So you've picked the perfect gift - an Adrenaline Gift Voucher. Now it's time to get creative on how you present the voucher as a gift. Here are our top picks for giving a voucher:

  • Scavenger Hunt - You're gifting an adventure so make the giving part an adventure too. 
  • Wrap it up like something else - Have some fun with it and wrap it in the shape of something completely different like a skateboard or a lamp.
  • Keep it simple - the gift of adventure is exciting enough on its own, you can either print the voucher and put it under the tree or send it straight to their inbox.

Adrenaline Gift Vouchers are for everyone

Who wouldn't love the gift of adventure! At Adrenaline we have gift ideas for everyone - gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for two and gifts for kids and families. If you're looking for our top gift ideas here are a few:

Gift Voucher Ideas for Him

While everyone is different, these adventures are always a hit. Give him the opportunity to experience something he’s always dreamed about:

  • V8 driving and hot laps: Is he a bit of a rev-head? Look no further than a V8 supercar style drive and ride combo. Let him live out his race car driver dreams and experience a real thrill when he is driven around the track by a professional. 

  • Skydiving: This is a true bucket-list adventure! Have him freefall from up to 15,000ft, while strapped to an instructor of course, for a real sense of excitement.

  • Aerobatics: If he has a real sense of adventure, an aerobatic flight is the ultimate experience. He can either learn to fly one of these awesome aircraft, or sit in the passenger seat while one of the expert pilots do dazzling aerial manoeuvres.

Gift Voucher Ideas for Her

Not every woman wants flowers and perfume, the best gift you can give her is an experience she'll never forget:

  • Hot air balloon rides: At Adrenaline you’ll find amazing hot air ballooning experiences that take her soaring over the most beautiful landscapes in Australia. Have her experience awe-inspiring aerial views of the Hunter Valley, Gold Coast Hinterland, Avon Valley, and Alice Springs.

  • Helicopter rides: We have a huge range of exciting helicopter adventures to choose from, such as scenic heli flights over the Great Barrier Reef or a black ops helicopter ride near Sydney. However adventurous she is, we have the ultimate experience for her.

  • Kayaking: If she likes to get out on the water and be active, a kayaking adventure would be perfect. She can paddle down city rivers or over tropical reefs and everything in between with our huge range of kayaking experiences.