Buy and redeem Adrenaline gift cards

Our gift cards offer $110 value for only $100, giving great value to spend sitewide. Our adventure cards can be used to purchase any of our incredible Australia-wide experiences. With a huge range of products, we’ve got adventures for every type of fun seeker, making them a great gift option. All gift cards have a three-year expiry, so there’s plenty of time to use them.

Adrenaline Ultimate Adventure Gift Card's are also available at the retailers below.

Safeway Woolworths

How to book an experience through a gift card?

Lucky enough to have received an Adrenaline gift card? Here’s how to put it to good use…

Go to the Use Your Voucher section of the site to redeem it, type in your unique voucher number and hit the ‘submit’ button.

It’s then just a matter of finding the experience you want to do. Browse the Adrenaline site, narrow down your search by experience type, location, price and more.


Do gift cards expire?

All Adrenaline gift cards have three years’ validity. The face value of the gift card can be used towards the cost of any experiences during this period.


Where to find cheap gift cards?

Adrenaline gift cards offer great value for money with $110 value for just $100. These can be spent on such a wide range of experiences. We also offer the option of buying a gift voucher at a value of your choice. Whatever option you choose, you’ll find it’s a great gift to give.


When do Adrenaline gift card sales start?

Adrenaline gift cards offer great value for money. Our sale and promo offers do not usually include gift cards or vouchers, however, you can take advantage of the savings associated with the gift card.

Occasionally we may also offer other reductions or gift card or voucher deals, but typically we reserve sales for specific products. The good news for you is you can buy an Adrenaline gift card now and take advantage of offers sitewide at a time that suits you. So feel free to hold on to it until you find the experience that’s right for you.

There’s no rush to use them straight away… unless you want to, of course!


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