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Jet Ski Hire and Tours

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Jet ski hire 

Choose from a huge range of the best jet ski hire and jet ski tours here at Adrenaline. We only work with the best, most reliable operators around Australia, so browse the site, find the experience that suits you and book with confidence. 
Do you need a license to rent a jet ski in Australia?  

No, under Hire and Drive legislation, you don't need a licence if you are participating in an organised trip under the supervision of an appropriately qualified guide. 

Where can I hire a jet ski?  

Hop online at Adrenaline and you’ll soon be jumping aboard your jet ski for hire. Adrenaline offers Gold Coast jet ski hires, Sunshine Coast jet ski hires, Whitsundays jet ski hires, Sydney jet ski hires and Perth jet ski hires. We're always looking to bring you the latest and great experiences across Australia.  

Jet ski tips for first-time riders 

We realise that not everyone reading this is a jet ski hire enthusiast or power boat pro. If this is your first time on a personal watercraft, here are four tips to help you get the most out of your experience: 

  • Drive straight: if your jet ski keeps veering off, it probably has something to do with your posture. Maritime safety is paramount. Keep your head up, forward and focused far in the distance. 

  • The throttle is your friend: Your instincts might be telling you to slow down when you approach an obstacle. Problem is, without your finger on the throttle, your jet ski can’t steer. Just keep a cool head and keep moving. 

  • Stay comfortable: After being on the water for a while, first-time jet skiers might feel a little posture fatigue. Try easing your grip, leaning a little forward and bending your elbows. It’s a more natural position that’ll help you relax and enjoy the ride. 

  • Have fun! As a thrill seeker, this should be easy! Don’t let your first-time butterflies detract from the experience. Strap on your lifejacket and away you go. Remember, it’s all about freedom—toss your apprehensions overboard and embrace the speed!  

What to Wear on a Jet Ski Tour?  

Dressing appropriately is key to ensuring your outing is a great experience. Most tour operating companies recommend comfortable, water-appropriate attire. Here's what you should consider: 

  • Quick-dry Clothing: Opt for materials that dry quickly to stay comfortable throughout your guided adventure. 

  • Protective Gear: A life jacket is essential and will be provided by your tour guide company. Also, consider a wetsuit for additional protection and warmth. 

  • Sun Protection: Wear a hat, sunglasses, and waterproof sunscreen to shield yourself from the sun’s rays. 

  • Footwear: Water shoes or secure sandals are ideal for maintaining grip on wet surfaces. 

  • Extras: Depending on the weather, you might want a light waterproof jacket or rash guard. 

Remember, safety and comfort are paramount for enjoying your jet ski safaris. Dressing appropriately is not just highly recommended; it's part of the experience, ensuring you can focus on the thrill of the ride! 

How Much Does a Jet Ski Cost to Rent?

Prices can vary based on location, duration, and the specific jetski tours or jet ski safaris offered. Typically, you can expect: 

  • Short-term Rentals: For a quick spin around local waterways, prices might start from a modest fee, allowing you to enjoy the ride without a significant investment. 

  • Half-day or Full-day Adventures: Opting for longer jet ski adventures often means better value, giving you more time to explore and experience the thrill of open water. 

  • Guided Tours: Guided tours might be priced higher, but they offer structured itineraries, expert tour guides, and often include stops at scenic spots or local attractions. 

Remember, while cost is an important factor, ensuring you choose a reputable provider for a safe and memorable jet ski hire is also highly recommended. 

How much is jet ski insurance? 

Jet ski insurance prices vary, according to the type, age and purpose of use for the jet ski or PWC. But you won’t need to concern yourself with these technicalities. All insurance costs are covered by the operator whenever you hire a jet ski online at Adrenaline. 


Jet ski hire Gold Coast 

Without question, the Gold Coast is a premier destination for watersport enthusiasts and thrill seekers. Renowned for its open water adventures, jet ski hire and tours here are highly recommended. Whether you're a novice or seasoned, our jet ski and jet boat packages promise high-speed excitement and stunning views, ensuring an unforgettable journey without needing a jet ski licence. 


Jet Ski hire Perth - Dolphin Watching and More!

Perth jet ski hires offer equally enticing jet ski adventures but also feature several experiences with a flavor all their own. A jet ski eco tour, for instance, takes you right up close to dolphin pods. Quiet your engine as the amazing mammals swim all around you! You’ll also spot sea lions and a colorful array of seabirds, making each trip a great experience. With guided jetski tours available, you can explore the open water confidently, knowing you're in the hands of experienced tour guides. 

Jet Ski Hire Sydney

Our magnificent Sydney jet ski hire options are well worth a closer look for any open water adventure lovers wanting a memorable day out on the water in one of the most beautiful parts of New South Wales. Jump on board for jet ski tours taking in remarkable scenery of the Hawkesbury River. Get to grips with handling a jet ski with the help of guided jetski expert instruction, then take the opportunity to open up the throttle and zoom across the water, under bridges and past plenty of sights. You can even refuel with a delicious meal at the Marina to round off your jet ski adventure in style.  


What is a jet ski? 

A jet ski or personal watercraft is actually a brand name that is owned by jet ski manufacturer Kawasaki, but it has come to describe any type of PWC or power boat that is mainly used for recreational purposes. Kawasaki settled on the term jet ski after initially labelling them "water jets" and "power skis".  


What is the fastest jet ski? 

The fastest jet ski depends on which manufacturer you tend to read about. But there’s no doubt that Kawasaki produces some of the fastest and most supercharged jet skis, including the Jet Ski Ultra 310X. The model number equals the horsepower level that the four-cylinder engine of this most powerful production PWC in history is capable of, according to its maker. The Sea-Doo RXP-X, Kawasaki’s Ultra 310R and Yamaha’s FZR all appear in the fastest jet ski list. All of these speed machines that literally fly on open water are capable of clocking up speeds of around 67mph (or almost 108 km/h).