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Sailing Experiences – The Best Cruise Deals

Hungry to get away? Overnight cruises in Sydney and Melbourne provide you and your special someone with premium accommodation on a luxury yacht. Crack some sparkly and set off on a thrilling course, rich in bluer-than-blue scenery, vivid marine life and delectable eats. You’ll sleep soundly in a beautiful cabin and wake up to the fresh sea air, revitalized and clear-headed. If you’d rather not stay overnight, Gold Coast and Port Stephens feature similar days trips and evening jaunts that are also equipped with a Champagne toast and delicious bites.

Putting a focus on nature, sailing experiences in Port Stephens offer dolphin watching and whale watching cruises. Explore Nelson Bay where thousands upon thousands of humpbacks migrate annually and mingle with the 150 bottlenose dolphins that call these waters home.

Tall Ship Cruises

Travel back in time on a traditionally-built wood sailing ship! Tall ship sailing experiences take place on a vessel as beautiful as the scenery that surrounds it. See the mast raise and watch the crew work the ropes like they did 300 years ago. A few of these tall ship sailing cruises also feature dinner and drinks (some by day; others by sunset). Great-value sailing experiences like these generally span 90 minutes or more, so you’ll have ample time to absorb the fresh scenery, snap photos and get a real feel for the art of sailing. It’s like travelling on a moving museum!

Adventure Sailing – Yachting Lessons and Sailboat Racing!

After your tall ship cruise, it’s likely you’ll want to learn the ropes yourself. Try Yachting! Learn how to hoist, trim the sails and catch the gusts. Learning yachting is a real eye-opener. When we see a ship skimming with ease in the distance, we rarely acknowledge the intricate work that goes into making this machine run. These comprehensive, three-hour courses delve deep into the craft and teach you how to react to a near-endless spectrum of variables. It’s a mind-body sport unlike any other!

And if you’re a speed freak, you’re invited to take the helm of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most coveted racing yachts (we’re even offering experienced sailors the opportunity to compete in the coveted Sydney Hobart Race—it’s without a doubt one of our wildest experiences)!

We haven’t even skimmed the surface of all the sailing experiences and luxury cruises available here. Start looking and ready your next adventure—anchors aweigh!