Indoor Activities for Kids

Indoor Activities for Kids

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Things to Do with Kids On A Rainy Day

Sometimes the weather just isn’t playing nice, but the kids really need their entertainment fix! Luckily, there are a tonne of incredible indoor activities for kids that will keep them happy all day. Adrenaline is home to an awesome range of indoor activities, and you’re sure to find the right match for your price range, location and age range!

What are some fun indoor activities for kids?

No matter the weather - rain, hail or shine - there are hundreds of incredible indoor activities for kids that are sure to knock their socks off! Have you got a little thrill-seeker in your family? Try an escape room. Got a kid with boundless energy who really needs to be worn out at the end of the day? Indoor rock climbing is the sport for you, with just enough challenge to keep them busy. Maybe you’ve got a gamer in your family who’d love nothing more than to spend the day in virtual reality. No matter your child’s interests, Adrenaline has the perfect indoor activity for them.

Where can I take my kids on a rainy day in Sydney?

On a gloomy day in Sydney, you can still have a lot of fun! Take your kids to solve the ultimate puzzle with a Virtual Reality Escape Room. Played in groups of two or more, this is the perfect way to escape the rain and get the kids working their problem-solving muscles. Plus, in virtual reality, they’ll still be moving their bodies to work off some of that excess rainy day energy. The kids will be dazzled by the virtual world with escape rooms all over, from Egypt to the Moon. The perfect rainy day out!

Where can I take my kids on a rainy day in Melbourne?

Grey skies all around in Melbourne? Experience the thrill of Karting in Port Melbourne to shake off those rainy day blues! With 30 laps per session, this is a little thrill-seekers dream. Adrenaline will be pumping as your kids face off against friends or the clock in the ultimate kart race around the 60km/hour track. Get the kids up and at ‘em with the opportunity to test their skills and play race car driver for the day. Talk about keeping things exciting even when the weather is bad!

Where can I take my kids on a rainy day in Brisbane?

Rainy days in Brisbane are few and far between, so you have to have a plan for when the sky takes a turn for the grey! The kids will love this Indoor Climbing Experience in Brisbane. There’s no time limit on your climb, so you can stay all day and climb to your heart’s content on the varied rock walls. With awesome climbing routes from beginner to expert, the kids can work their way up throughout the day and learn some great new skills. Pick up a friend on the way and let them loose to wear themselves out with this awesome experience!

Where can I take my kids on a rainy day in Perth?

Got terrible weather in Perth? For the days you can’t simply take the kids to the beach to cool off, try out an Escape Room in Fremantle. With incredible puzzles to solve and an exciting opportunity to play detective, the kids will love this experience! Step back in time and get the kids really thinking to overcome the challenges set for them.