Abseiling, Learn to Abseil Half Day - Morialta, Adelaide

Abseiling, Learn to Abseil Half Day - Morialta, Adelaide

Abseiling, Half Day - Accept the challenge! Abseiling, or ‘rappelling’, is basically a method of descending a rope in a safe, controlled manner.

Morialta (Adelaide)
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  • Description

    Abseiling - accept the challenge!

    Abseiling, or ‘rappelling’, is basically a method of descending a rope in a safe, controlled manner. Of course, the rope is often hanging over a cliff face or dangling from an overhang!

    Abseiling has gained widespread use and acceptance in many fields such as climbing, caving, rescue, scientific field research and in the military. Few things compare to the sensation of adrenalin you feel as you first step off the edge of a cliff. You have spent your whole life being told to keep away from the edge but now it's time to go over!

    The excitement and fear will swell inside as you communicate to your body to lean out parallel to the ground far below. All you need to do is move your feet one by one but you may feel some reluctance to do so. Once you have conjured up the courage to descend, an overwhelming sense of achievement will kick in. You will want to do it over and over again.

    This is a fully guided 3-hour experience on real rock. You will receive continual encouragement and instruction on rock safety, abseiling equipment and techniques.

    Intensity: 3.0 Intensity
    Intensity: 3.0 Intensity
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    26 May 18  (Saturday)
    02 Jun 18  (Saturday)
    09 Jun 18  (Saturday)
    10 Jun 18  (Sunday)
    17 Jun 18  (Sunday)
    23 Jun 18  (Saturday)
    24 Jun 18  (Sunday)
  • Reviews
    5 Reviews
    4.8 out of 5

    Need to be mindful of larger groups which reduced the number of drops, instructors should check with each participant to ensure they get equal number of drops. We had 17 in our group, some people got in 5 drops, others 3.

    Wayne C   4 out of 5

    Amazing adventure. Excellent website. Great choice.

    sheena s   5 out of 5

    Dan was a lovely instructor... informative, helpful and very conscious of what was going on for everybody.

    Kara-Jane B   5 out of 5

    Great experience with a great instructor

    jackie h   5 out of 5

    Loved abseiling ... Kelly our instructor was professional .. Knowledgable and fun

    Shirley c   5 out of 5
  • Experience Details

    Fitness and Experience

    • This course is designed especially for those who are seeking real adventure and have little or no abseiling experience
    • Participants must have a reasonable level of fitness (ie should be able to walk briskly for 15 minutes with out being out of breath)
    • Minimum age is 10 years old. Abseilers between 10 & 17 must have a parent or guardian present to supervise.

    What to Bring/Wear

    • Loose fitting clothing appropriate for the weather on the day
    • Enclosed lace-up shoes (sandshoes are sufficient)
    • Personal medications Snacks – muesli bars, nuts or lollies are great for an energy boost
    • Water bottle (1.5 litres recommended)
    • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, cameras
    • Hair net or hair band if you have long hair

    What is Supplied

    • All abseiling and safety equipment including quality harnesses, helmets and ropes
    • Professional and well qualified leaders

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Morialta (Adelaide)