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This rarefied and noble pursuit achieves contemporary relevance in a range of offerings designed to master the art of directing arrow and bow from those in the know.

The recent addition of archery packages to the more than 2500-plus experiences offered online at Adrenaline is as budget-oriented as its target-focused objective.

Where is the best place to experience archery?

The Archery Session for 2, 60 minutes, at Seaford, Melbourne takes place at Eliza Archery. This custom-designed venue, featuring indoor and outdoor ranges, is the place for all-comers of most ages to learn the fine art of archery.

This session includes expert tuition on how to shoot a bow and arrow with bull’s-eye-hitting style. Use of all equipment is included in the package and you also gain the experience of learning new skills in a fun, friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

The aim of Eliza Archery to host and train 10,000 archers at its centre before the 2020 Olympic Games is already in competition form.

Who is the best person to purchase an archery experience for?

Young or old, from school groups to corporate leaders, retirees and party people, regardless of fitness levels, an archery experience is an invaluable team or individual sport.

You can order an Adrenaline gift voucher online for the budding archer to redeem archery packages. Gift vouchers are valid for three years and can be emailed to the recipient or sent via post. The Archery Session for 2, 60 minutes, at Seaford, Melbourne is also ideal for couples seeking to channel Cupid’s bow or as a bonding exercise for parent-and-child, grandparent-and-grandchild or best buddies of all ages.

What makes archery such a unique experience?

Archery has achieved Olympic status as a sport with finesse, but its amateur competition status is also top class.

The atmosphere of collaboration and volunteering spirit of readily shared time and expert knowledge makes the sport of archery a joy to participate in and behold.

You’ll not only learn new and valuable skills, but also improve your self-confidence levels in a unique team-building exercise.

Is archery expensive?

For such an aspirational practice, you couldn’t find a more down-to-earth price range than for the archery packages offered online at Adrenaline.

Archery activities include full use of equipment and expert training at a low-aim cost that shoots straight to the heart.

What should I know before the archery experience?

The professional instructors at the Archery Session for 2, 60 minutes, at Seaford, Melbourne are on hand for you to effortlessly acquire and skilfully take aim.

All that is required from the participant is a spirit for fresh adventure and new friendships in the making.

You are advised to wear comfortable clothing and enclosed footwear is a must.

Procedurally, you will be required to sign a waiver on the day. Otherwise, get set to concentrate your focus, strength and the fine-tuning of hand-eye coordination in achieving your archery aims.