Aerobatic Warbird Flight Melbourne, 25 Minutes - Barwon Heads, Melbourne

now open Aerobatic Warbird Flight Melbourne, 25 Minutes - Barwon Heads, Melbourne

Get ready to get upside down and then some over the stunning Surf Coast in this awesome 25 minute Aerobatic Warbird Flight Experience. You will be treated to a barrage of awesome aerobatic manoeuvres.

Barwon Heads Airport (Great Ocean Road)
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  • Description

    Warbird AerobaticsGet ready to get upside down and then some over the stunning Surf Coast in this awesome 25 minute Aerobatic Flight Experience.

    • 25 minute experience (time measured chock-to-chock)
    • Highly trained pilot who will tailor the flight to your daring
    • Stunning views of the Surf Coast

    Our high powered fighter aircraft flight will launch you straight up to 5,000 ft before rolling inverted and then pulling out all the stops.

    Experience what it feels like to be a fighter pilot in a high powered military aircraft. Feel the thrills of high speed, high 'G' dogfighting manoeuvres with this adrenalin-pumping aerobatic warbird flight.

    All the aerial stunts are performed over the splendid beaches of the Surf Coast only 90km from Melbourne so the views are spectacular if you manage to focus on them and great for spectators too.

    Intensity: 5.0 Intensity
    Intensity: 5.0 Intensity
  • Experience Details

    Fitness and Experience

    • No particular level of experience or fitness is required however, people who suffer from heart conditions and please consult your doctor before booking.
    • There are also height and weight restrictions on this one as there is limited room in the cockpit: Maximum height is 6 foot 4 inches and maximum weight is 130kg

    What to Bring/Wear

    • Loose comfortable clothing should be worn as it can get quite warm in the cockpit
    • Wear sturdy, enclosed shoes – no high heels

    What is Supplied

    • Unforgettable high G-force aerobatic warbird flight
    • Professional pilot with a one on one customised experience. Each flight is unique for us too!
    • Full colour flight certificate listing manoeuvres completed and maximum Gs recorded
    • High Definition Footage of your flight is also available for purchase on the day for an additional cost
    • Experience time measured chock-to-chock

    More Information

    Flights operate daily from Barwon Heads Airport, at the start of the Great Ocean Road, only 90km from Melbourne.

    Friends and spectators can view their Red Baron hurtling about the sky from the amazing views from The Bluff, only 4km from the airport. Our flights finish with an optional low level victory roll over the gobsmacked onlookers.

    Military aircraft are built and tested to different standards than that put forward by CASA or any equivalent international civil aviation governing body. As such, in accordance with Civil Aviation Safety Regulation Parts 132.140, 150 and 132.155;

    • The design, manufacture and airworthiness of the aircraft are not required to meet any standard recognized by CASA; and
    • CASA does not require the aircraft to be operated to the same degree of safety as an aircraft used for regular public transport or charter operations; and
    • The passenger agrees to participate in this flight at his or her own risk; and
    • If it is reasonable to believe that a passenger cannot understand the safety briefing; said passenger must be accompanied on the flight by a parent, guardian, or carer; and
    • A more detailed briefing will be provided to the passenger before they board the aircraft
    • If the person making the booking for this flight is not the passenger, note that the operator of the flight is required to provide the passenger with a detailed briefing – to include the information contained herein – prior to the passenger boarding the aircraft.

  • 51 Reviews
    51 Reviews
    4.8 out of 5

    Overall great experience! Definitely recommend to everyone !

    Alesha   5 out of 5

    Great views of Bellarine Peninsula, while seeing what these planes can do. Awesome

    Dale B   5 out of 5

    Awesome adventure.

    Jason W   5 out of 5

    The pilot was very calm and personable which put my initial nerves at ease. It was a great experience.

    Stefano M   4 out of 5

    I purchased this as a surprise for my husbands 40th. He was absolutely thrilled by the experience and left wanting more. Will definitely go back to Adventure Flight Co in Barwon Head. Next on the list, combat flight.

    Amanda M   5 out of 5

    It was the best thrill seeking adventure I have had Anatole was informative and respectful I felt more like part of the family rather then just a client 100% satisfaction many thanks Anatole your were 100% super. My flight was today 25th September and purchased a video so I am waiting upon it.

    Domenico S   5 out of 5

    The pilot was excellent.

    Stu   5 out of 5

    everything was excellent

    leigh w   5 out of 5

    The most exhilarating ride of my life! Would totally recommend this to anyone. I am going to book for my grandsons B/day as well. Cheers

    Barry P   5 out of 5

    I appreciated the way the pilot gradually introduced the acrobatics by asking if I wanted to progress to the next one. I had been a bit apprehensive because I had postponed the flight 11 months because of a neck injury. However, the gradual approach enabled me to enjoy the full gammut of tricks. It was fantastic.

    Rodney R   5 out of 5
    More Reviews
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Barwon Heads Airport (Great Ocean Road)

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