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Learn to Smoke – American BBQ Lessons

Slow and low. American BBQ is synonymous with smoking. We highly encourage anyone with a lust for BBQ to take a trip through America’s Southeast. Here, it’s all about the “whole hog.” Or, beef-lovers should travel to Texas and dine on the finest brisket on the planet. But until then, the next best thing is to learn how to do it in your own backyard!

These BBQ cooking classes teach you the secrets of American BBQ and dispel many of the big myths. With American BBQ, it’s not about slathering sugary sauces over everything and infusing the meat with as much smoke as possible. In fact, travel to America’s Carolinas and you’ll see that the smokiness is actually quite subtle and the sauce isn’t much more than some vinegar and peppercorns. Truly, American BBQing is about the art of the cook.

Your man will learn how to control the coals, know how to pick out the best wood and discover how to overcome the dreaded stall (this is when your meat literally begins to sweat, thus preventing the internal temperature from getting to where it needs to be). After taking an American BBQ lesson, his cookouts will be the talk of the town!

Gift Ideas for Him – BBQ School

Apart from smoking lessons, these BBQ schools also cover different cuisines that are equally as mouthwatering. Thirsty chefs can partake in a beer pairing BBQ lesson where they’ll discover which brews go best with which cuts. Mexican BBQ lessons focus not only on the meats but also many tasty sides. Forget the generic spice mixes—these BBQ lessons will show him the real thing!

Multi-course meal planning, pork and cider pairings, BBQ seafood classes—all over Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Hunter Valley, BBQ schools and cooking lessons are transforming your burned-banger dinner into a true barbie banquet! Send him to a BBQ school today!