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Carlton & United Brewery Tour

Let’s start big! This is Australia’s oldest and largest brewery, brewing more than 2 million litres of beer daily (it’s safe to say the taps won’t run out)! Go behind the scenes and explore every step of the brewing process. Learn how Australia’s most reliable brewmasters churn out such a staggering volume of beer like clockwork. You’ll also get to thee the bottling plant where 1,000 stubbies are filled and capped in under a minute!

Brewery Tour Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley is synonymous with wine tours. But you’d be remiss to not explore some of the celebrated beers and ciders being brewed in this region! On a Yarra Valley beer tour, you’ll visit up to five breweries. Some of the more popular destinations are the Napoleon Brewery and Ciderhouse (with its stunning beer garden), Buckley’s Beer (Yarra Valley’s oldest brewery with great tasting paddles and homebrewed kombucha!) and Hargreaves Hill (a multi-award-winning brewery with several seasonal brews). But it doesn’t end with the beer. These Yarra Valley brewery tours also take you to a celebrated gin distillery. It goes without saying that you’ll probably also sample a wine or two (maybe you’ll even dip into the Calvados)!

Urban Beer Tours Melbourne

Indeed, you needn’t travel far to enjoy a good glass. We offer a few urban beer tours that take you to around five breweries in Melbourne’s inner suburbs. Each destination offers generous tastings of skillfully crafted beers and is in no short supply of sumptuous bites! Both day and night brewery tours are available. Refresh on a sunny weekend or gather your mates after a long day of work!

Brewery Tour – A Fantastic Gift for Men

Popular fathers-day gifts and birthday treats, these Melbourne brewery tours guarantee to put a smile on the face of your favourite beer lover. Book your sudsy odyssey today!