Christmas Gifts for Couples

Christmas Gifts for Couples

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Christmas gift ideas for couples in Australia

This Christmas, gift a couple an adventure they'll seriously love! Whether you're looking for something for you and your plus one or another important couple in your live, our range of experiences will have you covered!

What are fun gifts for couples at Christmas?

The thing about trying to think of gift ideas for couples, is that people can become quite particular about their ‘things’. The chances of getting some kind of household item or any material gift that actually suits the tastes of both people can be quite slim, which is why the best gifts for couples aren’t ‘things’ at all. Experiences are the most valuable thing you can give anyone, and adventures the happy couple can enjoy together are priceless.

You can find an extensive range of experiences for two people across our site, which makes finding presents for couples easy. We have private experiences just for two, intimate group experiences and enough exciting adventures to suit every kind of couple you know. By giving them an experience you’re giving them the opportunity to treat themselves to something fun they can enjoy together. It’s the perfect gift, because it’s something they’ll always remember. So instead of buying ‘stuff’ that might well end up in their junk pile, have a look at our range of Christmas gifts for couples. 

Got a particular budget in mind for your Christmas presents for couples? Take a look at our dedicated pages for gifts under $50under $150 and under $200, making it even easier to find the right gift and the right price.

What are the best Christmas gifts for married couples?

There is no better gift than quality time with your significant other. That's why this Christmas the best gift idea for a married couple is an adventure that they can do together. So forget the bottle of wine or random kitchen bits and bobs, and give them a kayaking experience for two, or a hot air balloon ride over the picturesque countryside, or even something that will really get their hearts racing like skydiving. At Adrenaline we have curated the best adventures for 2 that you can choose from or you can give them the freedom to choose for themselves with a gift voucher. 

What are Christmas gifts for couples who have everything?

Trying to find a Christmas gift for a couple who already have everything is a challenge. So rather than spending money buying things they don't need or want, gift the ultimate adventure! Every couple is different, but a quick look at some of our most popular experiences for couples could help you find the perfect gift for the happy couple this Christmas, even if they are hard to buy for.

  • Hot air ballooning is a dreamy experience that gives you unbeatable views over some of the most beautiful spots across Australia. Adrenaline’s wide range of hot air balloon rides are the perfect gift experience for older couples or couples over 50, who might appreciate the indulgence of these high-flying adventures. It’s all the excitement with none of the physical strain. Whether they go hot air ballooning over the Hunter Valley or Barossa Valley wine regions or another scenic spot, it will be a gift they’ll never forget.

  • An escape room is always a lot of fun, and it’s a great gift for young couples especially. They can put their cooperation and problem-solving skills to the test as they try to overcome the challenges and riddles to get out of the escape room on time. It’s definitely something different and exciting to shake things up for them.

  • If you’re looking for extravagant gift ideas for couples, a helicopter flight will definitely get their hearts racing. Our range of helicopter rides cover all the most beautiful city and natural landscapes in Australia, and they can actually be really affordable gifts. Whether it’s a scenic helicopter flight around Sydney Harbour or the iconic Uluru outback area, there are plenty of helicopter experience gift ideas for couples to choose from.

  • For couples with a love of high-thrill activities, why not treat them to a jet boating experience? You’ll find jet boat joy rides in Sydney’s Circular Quay, Airlie Beach, the Gold Coast, and everywhere in between. 

  • Couples that are really into extreme sports and ticking something major off their bucket will love Adrenaline gift vouchers for tandem skydiving. There’s nothing like the feeling of freefalling over the most lush jump spots in Australia, and they’ll definitely never forget your gift! 

What are the best romantic Christmas gift ideas?

When it comes to Christmas shopping for a partner or love interest, you might be on the hunt for romantic Christmas gift ideas. But what makes a gift romantic? Forget about extravagant material items that really just show how much money you have to spend rather than how much you care. The most romantic thing you can give someone is your time and attention. Wanting to enjoy time together with someone comes out on top as the most romantic gesture, so a special experience is the perfect romantic Christmas present. 

The good news is, if you’re looking for romantic Christmas gift ideas, you’re in the right place. Here at Adrenaline, we have a huge range of exciting adventures, activities, and experiences across Australia, including plenty of intimate escapades to spark some romance. An experience you can share together is more romantic than any material thing you could give a partner, and with everything from hot air ballooning to horse riding, finding romantic gifts is easy at Adrenaline.

Where to buy gift experiences for couples?

The best thing about doing your gift shopping with us is how easy and convenient it is. You don’t even have to leave the house! You could even buy an gift voucher on your phone if you’ve left it last minute, and still have a sure winner. If you want to give an Adrenaline experience as a gift to a couple, or anyone, you have a few options. Option one: You could give them a gift voucher with a dollar amount to spend on any experience on Adrenaline, and give them the opportunity to choose the experience that excites them the most. 

Option two: you could gift the happy couple a specific experience that you’ve picked out for them, and give them an Adrenaline voucher for that experience. That way they can book the experience at a time that suits them. The best part is that the whole system is designed to be completely flexible, so if they end up wanting to use that experience gift voucher on something else, they can spend the credit value on any other experience on Adrenaline.

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