Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls

Finding Christmas gifts for teen girls can seem like an impossible task, but it’s actually easy to buy great gifts for everyone by shopping at Adrenaline. We have a huge range of experiences across Australia with plenty to suit the teenage girls you’re Christmas shopping for. Just take a look.

Christmas gift ideas for teenage girls Australia

What should a teenage gift get for Christmas?

Trying to keep up with the rapidly coming and going trends that teenagers think are cool is a losing battle. One month there’s some ‘thing’ they just have to have, and the next they couldn’t care less and it ends up in the junk pile. Such is the nature of being a teen. So when it comes to thinking of gift ideas and buying Christmas gifts, what do teenagers like?

The trick to finding great gifts for teens, is that you should be targeting lower risk gift ideas than ‘stuff’ that they will potentially like, but potentially hate. Being a teenager and being picky tend to go hand in hand, so you can’t blame them - we were all young once! You just need to look beyond ‘things’ and explore Christmas gift ideas that they can’t not be excited about.

Your safest bet and the perfect gift for any teenager, is to give them a Christmas present that is an experience, rather than a material item. Here at Adrenaline we have hundreds and hundreds of epic experiences, adventures and activities across Australia, and in those there are plenty that would make cool Christmas gifts for teens. You’re never too old, too young or too ‘cool’ to enjoy doing something new and exciting, and we have experiences to suit any and every person you’re Christmas shopping for.

Plus, if they end up not wanting to do the experience you choose (as teens can be fickle), they can easily use the credit value on any other experience available on our site. So whatever happens, they’ll end up with something they love and are excited to do. It’s that kind of freedom to choose that teenagers like.

What do you buy a teenage girl in 2022?

If you’re struggling to think of great present ideas for teenage girls, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Christmas shopping for teen girls can seem a bit overwhelming, because they’re not quite a child anymore, but they’re not an adult yet either. They don’t want toys and they don’t want grown-up gifts like household items, they’re in a sweet spot that is tricky to shop for. That is, unless you steer away from buying her ‘stuff’ that she will likely not be into (teenage girls can be particularly picky), and instead buy her something she can do. 

Experiences are the most exciting, valuable, and low-risk Christmas gifts around, because everyone wants to have fun experiences and do amazing new things. It’s universal, and teenage girls are especially keen for anything that gives relief from the everyday high school routine. So take a look at our huge range of experiences and you’ll see that finding great gifts for teenage girls doesn’t have to be difficult.

To help out, we’ve rounded up some of our most popular experiences that would make perfect gifts for teenage girls this Christmas.

  • Quad biking: Whether or not they’ve got their driver’s license yet, or are even old enough to drive, we have plenty of tours and opportunities for teen girls to drive or ride a quad bike. They’ll love the thrill of a quad bike ride through some of Australia’s most fun terrains and most scenic destinations.

  • Paintballing: What’s better than a gift that she can enjoy with her friends? With a paintballing session at one of Australia’s fully decked out courses, teen girls can embrace their inner action-hero and enjoy an immersive and competitive game with their mates.

  • Karting: At Adrenaline, we have indoor and outdoor go karting experiences that make perfect gifts for teen girls. She can feel like a real racing driver and enjoy the adrenaline rush from tearing up the track.

  • Flying fox and tree top adventures: A day out on the treetop obstacles and taking on epic flying foxes is a Christmas gift idea that teen girls will love. It’s a unique gift that gives her the opportunity to get outside, active, and have a lot of fun and thrills on the obstacle course.

  • Rock Climbing: If she’s an adventurous girl, an outdoor rock climbing tour or indoor rock climbing pass is the perfect gift for her for Christmas. We have amazing rock climbing experiences available across Australia that conquer rock walls at some of the most picturesque spots, and nothing beats the view that you earn from the climb.

Those are just a few ideas to get you started, but it only skims the surface of the huge range of experiences we have right here at Adrenaline. So if you’re buying gifts for a teenage girl, or anyone at all, you can browse our site by category, location or price, check out our Christmas Gift Ideas guide.

Where to find the best Christmas gifts for teenage girls?

If you’re looking for where to find a gift for a teen girl, then you’re in the right place. Here at Adrenaline we have experiences for every age and type of person, and particularly exciting choices that are popular with teenagers. So get her something that she’ll actually be really excited about, by finding an experience, adventure or activity at Adrenaline and putting that under the Christmas tree.

The great thing about shopping with us is we not only have the best deals and Lowest Price Guarantee with all our experiences, we also have complete flexibility when it comes to gift giving. You can choose something specific like a rock climbing tour or a paintball game, and give her an Adrenaline voucher for that specific experience, which is a very cool Christmas gift. If in the end, that experience isn’t her top pick of what she wants to do, she can easily use the gift card credit value towards a different experience on the Adrenaline site. If her choice is more expensive, someone just needs to pay the difference when you book online and then she’s all set! That means that no matter what you decide to give her, there’s an added layer of security in knowing she can always pick the experience that excites her most.

At Adrenaline, even our cheap Christmas gifts are still among the best presents you could give her. Check out our dedicated pages of the best gifts under $50, under $100, under $150 and under $200 for plenty of ideas that meet your budget.  

You could also give her an Adrenaline gift card or voucher for a dollar amount and give her the freedom to choose whatever she wants. Either way, she’ll end up doing something exciting that she definitely wants to do, so it’s the perfect gift to make notoriously picky teen girls very happy. Buying the best gifts for girls is easy when you do your Christmas shopping online at Adrenaline.

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