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Cooking Classes – Mornington Peninsula

Fresh pasta and wood fired pizza—concocting an authentic Italian dinner from scratch is a game changer. Mornington Peninsula cooking classes show you just how easy dough-making can be. A pasta making course will teach you the proper kneading and shaping techniques to wow everyone at your next family dinner. Discover which sauces best complement which pastas. You’ll even get to pair your handmade creations with different wines.

For pizza lovers, the woodfired pizza making lesson breaks down the science behind the perfect dough. You’ll learn all the pie-shaping tricks and then cook your own pizza in an authentic woodfire oven—Napoli-style!

But what about all those delectable, meaty toppings? A sausage making cooking class will give you the tools you need to make the perfect links—both Italian and German-style. Like the pasta and pizza making classes, this one takes place in a beautiful garden. Be out in nature as you master the delicious craft.

BBQ Cooking Classes – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Lean the low-and-slow method of American BBQ. Many of these BBQ schools put a special focus on smoking methods from the American south. Learn how to make the perfect pulled pork, the most succulent ribs and brisket that would wow even the most discerning Texan palate. With American BBQ, it’s not about the sauces or seasoning; it’s about the cook. Master the embers and your next BBQ bash will go down in history!

And if you want to take your love of meats a step further, check out our butchery course. You’ll get acquainted with the anatomy of a lamb as a professional butcher breaks down a full carcass and offers different cooking methods for each cut. Next, it’s onto foul. You’ll debone a chicken and quail, marinade the birds and then get grilling. Sip wine as you dine on your final product.

These cooking lessons will help you dominate your holiday dinners and make you the reigning champ of next BBQ season!