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Sightseeing Cruises – Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Perth and more!

From the Sydney Harbour and the Sunshine Coast to Melbourne and Phillip Island (and as far out as Tasmania), sightseeing cruises that combine vivid panoramas and VIP service are ready to give you the star treatment. There are several quick jaunts such as the Mooloolaba’s sunset cruise or a nighttime cruise at Sydney’s Darling Harbour. Several of these cruises include gourmet eats and are equipped with fully stocked bars (the views here far surpass those from your typical Friday-night pub).

You can also discover one of many tall ship sailing tours! These wooden structures are true working museums. You’ll take in phenomenal scenery and at the same time get an old-school look at how vessels were manned centuries ago. Play Captain Cook for the afternoon!

Whale Watching, Dolphin Watching and Great Barrier Reef Cruises

Eco-adventures abound! Port Stephens is a humpback mecca. Head here for a whale watching cruise and your guaranteed astonishing nature photography opportunities. At Phillip Island, seal lovers will be awed by the whiskered scenery on a seal cruise that travels to Australia’s largest fur seal rock!

And then, of course, there’s Australia’s richest ecosystem, the Great Barrier Reef. Cruises at this World Wonder include an underwater observatory and onsite discussions with marine biologists. These are sprawling full-day excursions that provide a sensory overload to both children and their parents!

Drive Your Own Boat – Learn to Sail

And if you want to set your own course, we even feature an in-depth yachting lesson where you and your mates get to learn the ropes. The three-hour course is designed for first timers and gets you well versed in all the essentials. Become acquainted with one of the most intricate sports on the planet and experience pure freedom!

And if you simply want to get on the water and get moving, speed boat hires are available throughout Sydney Harbour. Pack your lunch and revel in a day of cruising at your own pace!

Cruise ship adventures conjure the stark, majestic imagery of the Alaskan landscape, Canadian Rockies and other natural Canada, North America and South America landmarks, but shorter cruise holidays are also on your doorstep when you look and book all your cruise tour, land tour and national park-based expeditions with leading Australian cruise lines, online at Adrenaline. Special offers on the inside passage for shore excursions and guided tours all start on a luxury cruise and range of night cruise packages offered at Adrenaline.

What is a cruise tour?

A cruise tour takes place on a cruise ship and generally combines holiday packages for luxury cruise expeditions, complete with sightseeing, shore excursions, which often encompass guided-tour bookings for land tours.

You and your family can gain an inside passage in a cruise tour, setting sail from Sydney, Cairns, Phillip Island, Perth and the Swan River, Port Arthur, Echuca, Surfers Paradise and beyond. Experience the best of Australia’s waterways, spectacular scenery and treks to national parks; enjoy night cruise deals that include enticing on-board food and drinks options, and drift away wherever your heart desires: from the Great Barrier Reef to the Canadian Rockies, and all ports in between. 

How much does a cruise tour cost?

A cruise tour at Adrenaline starts from as little as $25 per person to $1900 per couple for a Murray River Cruise and Golf Experience, 2 Nights – For 2.  

How do I book a cruise tour?

Adrenaline offers cruise tours in a range of cruise deals that include special offers for family-style and deluxe cruises with leading cruise lines. Simply jump online to book the cruise tour that inspires your imagination and before you know it, you’ll be ready to sail away.