Defensive Driving Courses Brisbane

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What is a defensive driving course?
A defensive driving course is a potentially very beneficial experience, suitable for all kinds of drivers. Its purpose is to teach drivers about the dangers of the wrong attitude or bad habits, improve skill levels and assess attitudes. These courses typically cover a range of on-road safety skills, both practical and theoretical, with the intention of making you a better driver.

What’s included in a defensive driving course?
Defensive driving attendees usually complete the practical parts of the course in their own vehicle. In most cases, any roadworthy vehicle, from small sedans to light commercial vehicles and 4WDs, can be used. There are benefits to this, such as gaining a greater understanding of your own vehicle and its features.

Other common parts of the course cover reaction times and speed, skid control, correct braking techniques, basic vehicle dynamics and stopping distances. Classroom session include the 12 Golden Rules of Defensive Driving, road rage, road laws (including the latest updates), personal security and tyre condition. Course content may vary, so please check before you book if you need any specific inclusions. Tea, coffee and other refreshments are often offered, but be sure to bring enough food to keep you going as these course last most of the day.

Who are defensive driving courses aimed at?
Everyone from young drivers (L Platers and up) through to the more experienced drivers can take part. Drivers of all ages and experience levels are likely to learn new techniques and skills. Benefits include on-road defensive driving skills and techniques, correcting bad habits and improving reactions and judgements. You’ll learn to minimise the risk of accidents and educate about common driving risks.

How long does a defensive driving course Brisbane take?
Driver education courses tend to last most of the day. Typically, sign is at 8:45am for a 9am start and the day finishes around 3:45pm. Please check details when booking to confirm your exact attendance times.

Where to take a defensive driving course in Brisbane?
Take a look at the range of products here on the Adrenaline website to see all defensive driving options around Australia, including those at Mt Cotton (around 30kms south of Brisbane) and Lakeside Park (around the same distance north).