Defensive Driving Course Mt Cotton

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Where is Mt Cotton?
Mt Cotton Training Centre is a nationally recognised driver training facility located 40km south of Brisbane and 60km north of Gold Coast. It means it’s easily reached with a short drive from both locations and is a popular training facility for people in locations around Queensland and travelling to the area for elsewhere in Australia.

What do you learn in a defensive driving course?
The exact inclusions of your defensive driving course may vary, but you can expect a mix of theoretical and practical components and plenty of road safety skills. You’ll learn tips to avoid accidents and be educated about the risks of driving. Experienced drivers may benefit from improvements to their reactions and judgements, while newer drivers can work on their techniques and on-road defensive driving skills.

The Level 1 course at Mt Cotton features the following units…

  • Defensive driving “What it means and how it is achieved”
  • Evaluation of “the” main part of the car “the driver”
  • Driver attitude
  • Practical Road Safety Tips
  • Safety features of modern cars and how to use them
  • Tyres and their importance in driving safety
  • Vision skills
  • Basic vehicle dynamics and skid control

  • Assessment of vehicle condition
  • Seating and steering
  • Emergency braking with & without ABS
  • Emergency lane changes
  • Reaction times and their effects on stopping distance
  • Vehicle handling/steering techniques
  • Basic skid control

You can expect your instructors for this course to have a high standard of communication as well as driving. Five-time National Champion and Chief Instructor Paul Stokell has a number of years of driver education experience in Australia and abroad and takes responsibility for personally selecting the best driving instructors in Brisbane.

Who are defensive driving courses aimed at?
This Mt Cotton defensive driving course is suitable for a range of ages and experience levels, including L-Platers (with some experience), P-Platers, Corporate Fleet and Court Order drivers.

How long does a defensive driving course Mt Cotton take?
The popular Level 1 course is a full-day option. Typically, these courses can start as early as 8:30am and run through until around 4pm, but please check the exact timings when booking.

How much does a defensive driving course Mt Cotton cost?
All the latest prices for defensive driving courses at Mt Cotton and locations around Queensland and Australia as a whole can be found here at Adrenaline. Book with confidence with our lowest price guarantee.