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Where to take a defensive driving course in Sydney?
Check out the range of defensive driving courses in Sydney here at Adrenaline. Drivers can book driving programs in locations such as Sydney Dragway, Quakers Hill and Sydney Motorsport Park, so take a look to find the option that suits you best.

Do defensive driving courses work?
Take a look at some of the reviews listed on our defensive driving course product pages to see what others thought of the experience and what you can learn on the day. The specific units of the course should broaden your driving knowledge and the aim is to make you a safer, more aware driver. The highly experienced, friendly instructors that run them pride themselves on giving the knowledge to end the day more informed than you started it.

What do you learn in a defensive driving course?
If you’re looking to improve your knowledge and on-road skills these Sydney-based courses are a great way to do it. You can expect detailed classroom tuition and practical training behind the wheel, all with the assistance of some of Sydney’s best driving instructors.

Sessions included during the day include the 12 Golden Rules of Defensive Driving, road rage (including why it happens), personal security while driving, the importance of tyre condition and a focus on rules of the road (including any recent updates you should be aware of).

Track time takes place in your own vehicle, giving you a great opportunity to learn more about how it reacts in potentially dangerous situations, as well as make the most of all of its features. You’ll spend time working on a number of areas that are easily applicable to your day-to-day commuting and driving, such as stopping distances, braking techniques for ABS and non-ABS vehicles, skid control, reaction times and basic vehicle dynamics. Work on techniques and avoiding accidents makes defensive driving ideal for new drivers, including P-Platers, as well as those with years of experience behind the wheel. And education to correct bad habits and make better judgments are skills that can serve all ages.

What is the best defensive driving course in Sydney?
All defensive driving courses in Sydney on sale here at Adrenaline are well established and taught by expert driving instructors. The great reviews received show the standard, so the course that’s best depends on what exactly you would like to be included and other factors, like location.

Take a look at our range, check the product details and find your best fit.

Who can take a defensive driving course?
These courses are suitable for a range of ages and experience levels, including L-Platers (please check as some courses are not suitable), P-Platers, Corporate Fleet and Court Order drivers. Take a look at the specific product details for further details.