Defensive Driving Course Eastern Creek

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Where is Eastern Creek?
The suburb of Eastern Creek, NSW is around 35km west of Sydney CBD. The name “Eastern Creek’ is often used to refer to the Sydney Motorsport Park (formerly known as Eastern Creek Raceway) and Sydney Dragway, as well as the area in general.

What does a defensive driving course do?
Defensive driving courses educate motorists with the intention of improving their safety and general driving skills. This is done with a mix of sessions behind the wheel (carried on the track) and practical, classroom-based learning. You can expect to be taught by leading driving instructors.

New and experienced drivers will benefit from their advice to help minimise the risk of accidents, improving key driving techniques and avoiding (and correcting) bad habits. During the day you’ll cover reaction times, braking techniques for non-ABS and ABS, skid control and more. Classroom sessions will also focus on road rage, rules of the road (including recent changes you’ll benefit from being aware of), why tyre condition is important, personal security and the 12 Golden Rules of Defensive Driving.

Sessions take place in your own vehicle, so there’s also a great opportunity to learn more about how your car reacts in certain situations, essential maintenance tips and how to make the most of your vehicle’s safety features.

Can you do a defensive driving course on your learners?
Some defensive driving courses are suitable for learners (with certain conditions attached), but please check before booking as some as limited to P-Platers and up. You’ll also find courses that suit the needs of Corporate Fleet and Court Order drivers, so why not browse our range to find the option that suits you best.

How often should you take a defensive driving course?
That’s up to you. Many of the skills you learn on these courses will stand you in good stead long in to the future. However, there’s no reason why those who’ve previously completed a defensive driving course can’t book again to brush up on their skills and knowledge.

What other driving course are available?
The popular Advanced Driver Training course is also available at Sydney Motorsport Park. This also takes place in your own vehicle and has a strong focus on skills like turns, braking and acceleration. It offers plenty of time behind the wheel, plus in-depth tuition from instructors. It’s a great way to improve vehicle handling and learn how to get the best from your car.