Train Driving

Remember playing with your train set as a child, moving the toy engine across the rumpus room floor, leaving a mess for your mum to pick up after? Or maybe as an adult, you've spent hundreds of hours meticulously crafting a model train set. Many dream of it, but few get the chance to ever drive trains. So, when an opportunity like a train driving experience comes your way, don't hesitate to slap on your conductor's cap. Transform a lifelong wish into reality and fulfill your dreams of chugging through the countryside at the controls of a real diesel or steam engine locomotive. You're the conductor for an unforgettable day of a train driving experience. All aboard!

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Choose Your Own Engine: Diesel or Steam?

Perhaps you're feeling nostalgic for the romantic bygone days of steam powered locomotives. On a steam train driving experience, you'll have a trusty fireman to keep the coal fire going. Or are you keener on the high-power performance of a slick diesel engine? In either case, dress for the job in sturdy shoes, overalls, gloves and safety glasses. Train driving is real work, so get ready to get dusty!

A Morning at the Rail Yard

Your train driving experience begins with an instructional session tailored just for you. You'll meet up with a seasoned driver in the rail yard to learn the theory behind locomotive power and familiarise yourself with the controls. You may even have the chance to select which passenger carriages to attach to your locomotive, because you won't be driving alone! Share your train driving experience with your loved ones by bringing along up to four friends and family members as your passengers!

Drive a Train on the Bellarine Railway

Once your train driving training is complete and you feel confident behind the controls, you'll work your way through the preparatory checklist for departure. Your experienced supervisor will be there to keep you on track. The whistle blows and you're off! The Bellarine Railway between Queenscliff and Drysdale is all yours for 33 kilometres!

Why settle for a train simulator or even heritage steam train rides when you can take the controls of an actual train? This experience makes an amazing gift for the rail fan in your life. It can even accommodate multiple train trips for multiple drivers. For both the biggest railway buff to someone simply looking for a unique escape, a train driving experience transforms your childhood dreams into a lived adventure you'll never forget!

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