Driving Experiences in New South Wales

Driving Experiences in New South Wales

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What are the best driving experiences in New South Wales?  

If you’re looking for the best driving experiences in New South Wales, you’re in the right place. From V8 driving to off-road racing, we’ve got a huge range of thrilling adventures to put you firmly in the driver’s seat, as well as options allowing you enjoy the ride of your life from the passenger seat. We can’t possibly cover them all here, but we’ve picked out a few favourites to add to your bucket list.  

V8 race car driving at Eastern Creek  

Many of our most popular driving experiences are located in and around Sydney at the famous Eastern Creek Raceway aka Sydney Motorsport Park. Here you can enjoy a variety of V8 experiences, including a four-lap drive around this famous track.  

V8 driving at Mount Panorama, Bathurst  

Experience another iconic motorsport venue in all its glory. Mount Panaroma’s use as a public road restricts its use in full race setup to a limited number of special events. Let us put you in the driving seat for a four-lap drive or a couple of exhilarating hot laps

Rally driving at Colo Heights  

Go full throttle and push your driving skills to new levels with our rally driving experiences. One of Australia’s best rally driving location is Colo Heights, near Sydney, and we just so happen to have a variety of driving and hot laps options to choose from, including a nine-lap combo in a Subaru WRX.  

F1-style race team experience  

Always dreamed of becoming a Formula 1 driver? For most of us a dream is all it’s likely to be, but the F1-style race team experience is pretty close to the real thing. Driving a Formula Ford single-seater race car is a real rush, putting you close to the ground and in control of a seriously fast car.  

Go karting  

Get your crew together and find out who’s fastest around the track with our go karting experiences. You’ll find a variety of karting options at Eastern Creek, from the 6HP karting for kids to 13HP karts capable of some seriously fast speeds. Or enjoy the rush and twists and turns of the epic outdoor track with Karting at Picton.  

Where can I drive a V8 race car?  

If it’s V8 driving and hot laps you want head to Eastern Creek, or book in for a very special drive on select dates at the famous Mt Panorama, Bathurst.  


Where is Eastern Creek Raceway/Sydney Motorsport Park?  

Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek is around a 45-minute drive and 40 kilometres west of Sydney CBD.  

The park opened in 1990 and was previously known as Eastern Creek International Raceway. It officially changed its name to Sydney Motorsport Park in 2012, but is commonly still referrred to as Eastern Creek by locals and motorsport enthusiasts.