Virtual Reality Escape Rooms, 1 Hour - Melbourne

  • Virtual Reality Escape Rooms, 1 Hour - Melbourne

Be transported into astonishing new worlds at this Melbourne virtual reality escape room experience. Interact with your fellow team members to defeat enemies, crack secret codes and solve missions to complete your mission in 60 minutes.

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  • Description
    • Experience out-of-this-world fun mastering a virtual reality escape room
    • See, hear and interact with each other finding clues and solving puzzles
    • Fly through outer space, teleport and master special abilities to save Earth or more

    Grab some friends and prepare for exciting new adventures, flying through space and piecing together puzzles as you race to complete your mission before the time runs out! This mind-blowing virtual reality experience with environmental effects makes you truly believe you're in an alternate universe. Smell the gunpowder and smoke and feel the wind and heat on your face as you and your team battle enemies in foreign worlds.

    You’ll need to work together as a team to complete your task within the 60 minutes allocated, putting your wits and reflexes to the test. Feel exhilarated as you defeat enemies, find secrets and solve mysteries all while communicating with your team through headsets. Continue the buzz afterwards, as you’re treated to complimentary refreshments and biscuits while you talk all about the adrenaline-filled game and take a picture in front of the interactive 3D photo walls to forever remember the experience.

    Choose from over 15 Missions!

    • ALICE (Seated 5/5): Save Wonderland From The Queen of Heart’s Time Spell
    • CHERNOBYL (Seated 3/5): Find Out What Really Happened At Chernobyl
    • CHRISTMAS (Seated 1/5): Help Santa Find His Way Home To Save Christmas
    • DEPTH OF OSIRIS (Standing 3/5): The Secrets in Temple of Osiris Awaits
    • DRAGON TOWER (Standing 3/5): Escape The Tower and The Dragons
    • HOUSE OF FEAR: CURSED SOULS (Seated 3/5): Can you free the cursed souls of the house?
    • JUNGLE QUEST (Seated 1/5): Enter A Fantastical World Of Exotic Animals And Flying Islands
    • MADMIND (Seated 3/5): Save The Child Before it’s Too Late
    • MANOR OF ESCAPE (Standing 4/5): Stop the count from experimenting with interdimensional creatures
    • MISSION SIGMA (Seated 2/5): Make your way through the building and disarm a missile
    • RUNAWAY TRAIN (Standing 4/5): Get to the train, stop it and the Doctor before its too late.
    • PIRATES PLAGUE (Standing 3/5): You’re infected, get to the cure, or risk being lost, forever swimming the surrounding seas.
    • SANCTUM (Seated 4/5): Investigate the monastery, find your friend and stop the cult
    • SPACE HEROES (Seated 2/5): Enter the spacestation and stop a blackhole from destroying the world
    • SPACE STATION TIBERIA (Standing 3/5): A meteor is fast approaching and it is your job to destroy it
    • SURVIVAL: (Seated 3/5): A 6-day survival simulation. How many days will you survive?
    • TIMETRAVEL PARADOX (Standing 4/5): Go back in time to save the future
    Intensity: 3.0 Intensity
    Intensity: 3.0 Intensity
  • Experience Details

    Fitness and Experience

    • This is a weekend (Friday to Sunday) session
    • Minimum age for seated is 8 years old
    • Minimum age for standing is 12 years old
    • If you have a history of photosensitive seizures, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress or heart conditions, you should consult a doctor before playing
    • It's recommended you wear contact lenses instead of glasses to play as glasses larger than 15 cm wide and 5 cm tall will not fit within the virtual reality headset
    • Not recommended for people with epilepsy

    What is Supplied

    • Up to 60 minute virtual reality escape room adventure
    • Complimentary interactive 3D wall photos

    More Information

    • A minimum of two people are required for booking
    • Available Monday to Sunday
    • Wheelchair access is available but only prior to 3pm on weekdays

    Cancellation Policy

    • Change your booking up to 48 hours before the start time of your experience
    • Changes are not permitted within 48 hours of your experience
    • Late arrivals or no shows may result in you forfeiting your experience

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Bourke St (Melbourne)

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