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Adrenaline promotes the fitness industry at its finest in a wide selection of personal trainer and strength training packages. These professional packages are not only conducted by world-class instructors, but also take place at first-rate facilities throughout Australia.

Gym junkies will be fully charged and raring to go when they turn to Adrenaline for all their fitness-training programs and needs.  

What fitness training is available on Adrenaline?

Increase physical strength, confidence levels and your ability to ward off unwanted attacks with Fight Back! Women’s Self Defence – Gold Coast. This 1.5-hour session has been designed to help you combat any unwanted approaches to the best of your mental and physical capabilities.

Resistance, risk reduction and response play key roles in the foundation of this essential course in fitness training.

You’ll learn crucial techniques in how defuse any unexpected situations, but this invaluable training course will improve and increase your fitness levels in mind and body while nourishing the soul.

Why is fitness training important?

Fitness training is important on so many levels. Regular training not only increases blood flow and produces the feel-good endorphins, but it also builds strength and confidence.

As you achieve your personal fitness goals you’ll also be inspired to reach new heights in your training aspirations.

Fitness training is essential for all ages, but particularly ageing bodies and minds. Studies have shown that maintaining a regular fitness routine in older age not only restores and increases muscle density, but also improves overall physical and mental wellbeing.

For maximising the journey of every life cycle, adhering to a regular fitness program should be everybody’s long-term outlook. 

Is fitness training expensive?

Fitness training is a small price to pay for the peace of mind of acquiring and maintaining peak condition.

The training packages online at Adrenaline are offered to suit all budgets. Every experience, fitness training and otherwise, has twice the appeal when you consider Adrenaline’s “lowest price guarantee”. This applies to the 2500-plus land, air and water-based experiences offered throughout Australia.

So what are you waiting for? Jump online today at Adrenaline and make fitness training your number one priority.

Who would love a fitness training experience?

Any man, woman or child who aspires to perform at their best requires a healthy mind to be aligned with their body.

When you take into account the wide-ranging benefits, physically, mentally and holistically, who wouldn’t love or can afford to be without regular fitness training?

What should I know before my fitness training experience?

The Fight Back! Women’s Self Defence – Gold Coast session is open to all ages and fitness levels.

Please advise at the time of booking if you suffer any medical conditions. 

You should wear gym gear to your self-defence course and also bring a towel, drinking water and a change of clothing.