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Where is Uluru?

Uluru is one of Australia’s most iconic landmarks, and it’s located close to the centre of the country in the quintessential Aussie outback. Specifically, Uluru is in the southwest corner of the Northern Territory, within Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park. The 330,000-acre national park was actually set up to protect the sacred rock and surrounding natural wonders, so there is no accommodation or services for tourists within the park. The closest accommodation is in places like Ayers Rock Resort that sit right outside the national park border. The park is, however, home to an Aboriginal settlement. 

Alice Springs is the most popular town from which to access Uluru, and it sits about a five to six hour drive northeast from the rock. There are buses that run to Uluru from Alice Springs regularly if you don’t want to drive yourself, or you can also fly directly to Uluru from the Alice Springs airport to the Ayers Rock Connellan Airport.

The world-famous rock is known as Uluru, as it is the name given to the sacred landmark by the local Anangu people and traditional owners of the surrounding land. You may also hear Uluru called Ayers Rock - the name given to the rock by a British explorer in 1873. The landmark officially carries the duel name of Uluru / Ayers Rock, but the traditional name is more appropriate, respectful and widely used - and it’s the name used in the national park. The monolith sandstone rock was called Uluru long before Europeans arrived in Australia. 

Not far from Uluru you’ll find more iconic Red Centre landmarks, like KataTjuta (The Olgas), which are a must see while you’re there. Or further away in the outback you can see King Canyon and Mount Conner while exploring the desert landscape.

What are the best helicopter flights over Uluru?

It’s impossible to fully appreciate the size and grandeur of Uluru from the ground, which is why a scenic helicopter flight over Uluru is a definite bucket list experience. Soak up the panoramic aerial views of Uluru and the surrounding sights with a helicopter tour that takes you soaring above it all. You’ll be able to take in the immense beauty of Uluru and how starkly it stands out in the sprawling desert landscape.

You can find all the best helicopter flights over Uluru right here at Adrenaline, and book in to see the world-famous Red Centre from the best seat in the house. Nothing beats the view from the top.

We also have a longer helicopter flight option that shows you both the beauty of Uluru and the sacred Kata Tjuta rock formation. Kata Tjuta is made up of a group of 36 conglomerate rock domes the highest of which stands 198 meters taller than Uluru and dates back 500 million years. It’s considered a sacred place by the local Aboriginal Anangu people and the site is still being used for cultural ceremonies.

The rock domes are vastly spread out, and the national park has restrictions on exploration to respect sacred sites, which means you can only access about 75% of Kata Tjuta from ground-based touring. But from your scenic flight you will be able to appreciate the complete site Kata Tjuta in all its glory - another reason why a helicopter tour is the best way to explore the Red Centre. 

What will you see in an Uluru helicopter flight?

The Australian outback is a completely unique desert landscape that looks like nothing else in the world. The red/orange earth colour saturates the vistas in the Northern Territory and central Australia region, making it abundantly clear why this area earned the title ‘Red Centre’. 

From sunrise to sunset, the landscape within the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park is a postcard-perfect vision that is quintessentially Australian. It appears simultaneously barren and yet bustling with wildlife, and blessed with some of the most magnificent natural wonders in the world. It’s really something you have to see for yourself to understand how strikingly radiant the whole region is in real life. It’s even better than in photos!

The most iconic landmark within the national park and the entire Australian outback is, of course, Uluru. The huge sandstone rock formation is emblematic of Australia, and it’s definitely a sight to tick off your bucket list. But with a total circumference of 9.4km, it’s impossible to fully appreciate its grandeur from the ground. Which is why a helicopter flight over Uluru is a must-do activity if you’re visiting the outback. 

At Adrenaline we have a range of scenic helicopter flights over Uluru that will give you panoramic aerial views over the Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, and a spectacular view of the landmark itself. Enjoy the thrill of flying as your agile helicopter flight takes you swooping through the air to take in the beauty of Uluru from all angles.

Plus, you can opt for a slightly longer helicopter tour that also takes you soaring over Uluru and the Kata Tjuta sacred rock formation. It’s the only way to see the entirety of the sprawling rock domes as you can’t access the whole site from the ground.

So book in your scenic helicopter flight over Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park and see everything Australia’s Red Centre has to offer.

How much are helicopter flights over Uluru?

Helicopter flights over Uluru tend to cost a few hundred dollars, and you can check out all the best deals right here at Adrenaline. With our Lowest Price Guarantee you can be sure you’re always getting the best deal around. Plus, if you change your mind after purchasing but before locking in a time for you scenic helicopter tour, you can use the credit value of your original purchase on any other experience available at Adrenaline. So if you shop with us, you’re getting the best deal with ultimate flexibility. Take a look, find something you want to do and add some excitement into your life.