Hot Air Ballooning In Adelaide

Hot Air Ballooning In Adelaide

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How to prepare for a hot air balloon ride in Adelaide?

You should get an early night because you’ll be up before the birds to arrive up to an hour prior to your sunrise hot air ballooning experience.

You should dress warmly and comfortably. Make sure you are wearing adequate layers to offset the predawn conditions and also soft-soled footwear. Spiky heels are not permitted inside the hot air balloon basket, as they can damage the basket and pose a safety hazard.

Don’t forget to provide confirmation of your Adrenaline hot air ballooning booking and also pack your camera for capturing the panoramic landscape below.

What does it cost to ride in a hot air balloon in Adelaide?

The Hot Air Balloon Barossa Valley Adelaide experience is priced from $300.

You can book this breathtaking experience online at Adrenaline or purchase a gift voucher for redeeming your Adelaide hot air ballooning adventure. Adrenaline gift vouchers can be secured for a minimum spend of $25. They are valid for three years, can be instantly emailed or sent via post. 

How do hot air balloons land?

Hot air balloons land when the hot air inside the balloon is allowed to cool down. This happens gradually so that the balloon descends slowly to the ground.

Hot air balloon flight is made possible by heating the air inside the balloon with a burner. The hot air balloon becomes lighter than the air outside and this is what causes the balloon to rise, in unison with the surrounding air currents,

What is the best hot air balloon Adelaide package offered at Adrenaline?

When in Adelaide, it’s impossible to surpass the highly recommended Hot Air Balloon Barossa Valley Adelaide experience. Your professional pilot and crew will help you capture the magic of the Barossa Valley in this one-hour sunrise hot air balloon flight. To follow, a gourmet buffet breakfast, served with sparkling wine, celebrates this lifetime event in delectable style. You’ll also receive a personalised flight certificate to commemorate your blissful Barossa aerial adventure.

Check out epic hot air balloon packages across Australia right here at Adrenaline, and book in an unforgettable experience.