Hot Air Ballooning in the Hunter Valley

Hot Air Ballooning in the Hunter Valley

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These breathtaking sunrise balloon flights make for memorable family-style events, for romantic couples and also provide the perfect special-occasions gift experience.

You can book your Hunter Valley hot air balloon flight online at Adrenaline or purchase an Adrenaline gift giver to make your recipient’s high-flying aspirations come true.

Gift vouchers are valid for three years and can be secured for a minimum spend of just $25. Vouchers can be used to redeem Hunter Valley hot air ballooning or any of the 2500-plus exhilarating adventures offered Australia wide on land, air and sea at Adrenaline.

What can I expect from a hot air balloon ride in Hunter Valley?

You can expect to be spellbound, drifting with your head in the clouds as dawn breaks and transforms the majestic scenery, with its mountain ranges, curved valleys and vineyards, into a landscape masterpiece.

Adrenaline offers an extensive range of Hunter Valley hot air balloon experiences, from the Hot Air Ballooning Over The Hunter Valley With Breakfast And Photos, departing Lovedale, to the Hot Air Ballooning, Weekend Flight – Pokolbin, Hunter Valley Includes Gourmet Breakfast.

You’ll fly with an award-winning tour operator, experience a one-hour sunrise hot air balloon flight and enjoy a deluxe Champagne gourmet breakfast to follow at the region’s leading restaurants. 

You should typically allow three to four hours for the entire experience, do not dress too snugly, as it can be warm in the hot air balloon basket, but do wear comfortable, flat and enclosed footwear.

Don’t forget to bring your camera for capturing the majestic Hunter Valley panorama.  

What time is hot air balloon Hunter Valley?

Hot Air Balloons take off before sunrise in the early hours of the morning when the weather conditions are most stable. So depending on the time of year, your hot air balloon flight could be taking off around 5 am so you can enjoy the sunrise as your float above the awe-inspiring scenery. 

When is the best time to hot air balloon in Hunter Valley?

Because you want to hot air balloon when the weather patterns are most stable, the summer months are always a great time to go hot air ballooning in the Hunter Valley. This is also when the grapes on the vineyards are ripe, making for some spectacular views. That being said, you can hot air balloon all year-round but if the weather forecast is predicting rain, your hot air balloon ride will be postponed as we only want to fly when it's safe.

What is a hot air balloon price in the Hunter Valley?

Our hot air balloon packages vary from around $270 for a midweek flight to $1,700 for a private hot air balloon flight for two. All of our hot air balloon packages in the Hunter Valley include a champagne breakfast upon landing, making for a great experience. 

Is there a weight limit for hot air balloon rides in Hunter Valley?

The maximum weight for a hot air balloon ride in the Hunter Valley is 130kg. Individual weights are carefully balanced to ensure the safest and most enjoyable flight experience for all participants.

How many people can fit in a hot air balloon?

Most hot air balloon flights generally carry between 10 to 12 participants. The hot air balloon baskets are large enough to comfortably accommodate small groups in spacious conditions and scenic style.

There are also hot air balloon rides that offer a private flight for two people, but on most ballooning adventures offered, there will generally be an average of 10 participants in the hot air balloon basket at any one time.

Are hot air balloons scary?

Contrary to being scary, hot air balloon flight encompasses one of the most gently drifting, liberating and awe-inspiring aerial experiences you can encounter. Hot air balloons rise slowly and travel at speeds of between 6.43km to 9.65km per hour. These light and stable wind conditions provide the most enjoyable speed for gaining maximum comfort, safety and exhilaration from your hot air balloon flight.

The maximum wind conditions that a commercial hot air balloon tour will operate in are between 12.8km and 16km per hour.  

Check out epic hot air balloon packages across Australia right here at Adrenaline, and book in an unforgettable experience.