Indoor Rock Climbing

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Indoor Rock Climbing Australia

Embrace your inner wild child and scale new challenges across the best climbing centres in Australia. Jam-packed with quality routes, multitudes of themed adventure walls and entertaining obstacles, you will feel like an action hero with Adrenaline! You will strengthen your body and mind as you plan every move - every step - and push your body to new limits! 

Rock climbing Wall vs Bouldering Gym: which one should I choose?

Indoor rock climbing walls are ideal for beginners, especially when you are alongside your loved ones with Brisbane’s Family Pass. The vertical challenges you face with a rocking climbing wall are suitable for those with a range of skills, regardless of age! Bouldering gyms are better suited to advanced climbers who are looking to test their strength by following taped routes. 

What Indoor Rock Climbing Experiences Can I Find on Adrenaline?

With a wide variety of first-rate rock climbing locations, we are here to help you find the perfect experience! 

Indoor Rock Bouldering - Brisbane

Tackle your next obstacle with Brisbane’s indoor rock bouldering gym. Test your strength and skills across 40 different routes and push your boundaries to new extremes as you master advanced taped routes. With no time limit to worry about, you can enjoy a workout that’ll make you feel like a legendary explorer!

Indoor Rock Climbing - Brisbane

Perfect for thrill-seeking couples and adrenaline-loving families who are new to climbing walls, the rock climbing centre in Brisbane flaunts 10-metre-high walls of raw entertainment! Ascend walls, arches and towers with your loved ones and hone your power!

Indoor Rock Climbing - Gold Coast

Indulge in 30 minutes of pure fun and reach new heights as you tackle endless amounts of exhilarating routes and obstacles! Perfect for the whole family, all you need to do is clip and climb. 

Indoor Rock Climbing - Melbourne

Attach your harness and try your luck across 60 of the most invigorating vertical challenges at Melbourne’s revered climbing centre! Take a breath and ascend through 10 metres of advanced auto-belay systems and themed walls! Warm up and traverse this mind-blowing indoor climbing theme park. 

How to Redeem Indoor Rock Climbing Vouchers?

Head to Adrenaline and follow these steps: 

  1. Click Use Your Voucher in the top menu. 

  2. Enter your voucher number. 

  3. Follow the prompts to complete your order. 

Experiencing the joy of indoor rock climbing is never more entertaining than when experienced with Adrenaline. Grab your trainers and your harnesses, and take on the thrills of a dauntless rock climber!